Modi@8: When PM asked UP MP Sonkar to focus on becoming a social leader; Since then this has been his guru mantra.

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Vinod Sonkar, who was sworn in as the MP of Uttar Pradesh for the first time in 2014, says, “I have done my political journey following the Guru Mantra of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Modi’s jugglery in the country

Vinod Sonkar, who is also BJP’s Tripura in-charge, admitted that it was PM Modi’s address during his orientation program that helped him consolidate strength on the ground and gave direction to his political journey.

“When I won in 2014, there was an orientation program in Haryana. PM asked us to focus on our identity as a social leader. He said that political identity is temporary and social identity is permanent. Taking inspiration from that, I formed Kaushambi Vikas Parishad (KVP) and prepared four programs, which are organized every year. This has helped me to be in touch with people regularly,” Sonkar told News18.

There are three assemblies in Kaushambi district – Manjhanpur, Sirathu and Chail.

Sonkar said that Kaushmabhi Mahotsav is celebrated on the foundation day of the council and it has helped him to get the schemes for his constituency from Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath. “I invited the CM and there were a lot of schemes, which were announced by him, and thus, in turn, my parliamentary seat developed. It is now part of the Ramayana and Buddhist circuit,” Sonkar said.

Sirathu assembly constituency organizes a program in the honor of Veerangana Durga Bhabhi and Chandrashekhar Azad. Another event is held at Chail where Lord Rama spent the first night of exile, and the fourth is the ‘Social Samarsata Bhoj’, held at Sonkar’s residence in Kaushambi.

“This mantra of PM Modi helped me strengthen the vote base despite the political turmoil in the state. I have always connected with the people, and even my rivals agree with it,” says the BJP MP.

He also recalled his meeting with the PM and how his issues were resolved in no time as he gave him his full attention. “I went to meet the PM and the attention with which he meets you is inspiring. You would think that you will finish your issues in half an hour but they get resolved within minutes. He solves everything with utmost promptness and you don’t even need to speak about them,” recalls Sonkar.

Sonkar insisted that he had also learned discipline lessons from Modi. He points out that no garbage is seen on PM Modi’s table in any meeting. “Their table is spic and span. There is not a single paper on his desk. I went to meet the PM with my wife. When I returned my wife told me that despite being just an MP, there are papers everywhere and look how organized the PM is. It was an eye opener for me,” says the MP.

While the PM does all the business, he engages with his party workers and gives them advice on how to live life. “When the PM met me for the first time in 2014, he asked me if I had the quality that my name represents – to be humorous or not. “Naam ke vinod ho ya vinodi ho bhi (Are you funny or is it just a name?) PM Modi told me,” the MP laughs.

Modi also lays emphasis on the well being of an individual. He said, “He will put a hand on your shoulder and you will be overwhelmed that the world’s greatest leader is asking about your well being. In parliamentarians’ meetings, he keeps us checking in regularly and not allowing communication to be broken at any time,” he said. for,” Sonkar says, praising his leader.

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