Modi meets primary school teacher in Navsari – Henry Club

Prime Minister Narendra Modi met his primary school teacher Jagdish Naik at the inauguration ceremony of a multispecialty cancer Hospital premises in Navsari on Friday afternoon.

Sources said that Naik was accompanied by his daughter and son-in-law who received the VIP invitation.

The source said that while studying in a school in Vadnagar, Naik had sent a message to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, describing himself as a primary school teacher. PM Modi invited them to a private room, where the two met.

Meeting Confirmation, Gujarat BJP President CR Patil, who was also present, said, “The meeting was wonderful, and the teacher felt proud of his student who had become the Prime Minister of India. Naik had blessed PM Modi with a hand on his head. And It was a happy and memorable moment for them, as they met each other after a long time,” said Patil.

Sources said that Naik lives with his daughter, who works in the irrigation department and is posted in Tapi district.