Mithun’s relationship with family – Times of India

Family comes first no matter what stage of your life and where you are. Gemini Shares a very bitter relationship with his family members. They are someone you are not very clear about your love and feelings for your family, but they do respect their family members. They never fail to fulfill their family obligations. They share a very good bond with their siblings. Gemini They are usually closer to their father than to their mother. Geminis prefer to keep their personal lives away from their parents, but eventually, when things go wrong, they seek comfort from their parents’ advice.
As they grow, Geminis make little distance from their home, but at the depths they often feel unhappy being out of the house,
Geminis have a great relationship with their family but they often need time to settle things. Geminis always learn very important life lessons from their grandparents. They tend to ignore the mistakes of their family members to keep them light-hearted. Geminis are more likely to stay away from their family to pursue their career and education, but will try to be more attentive to their family.