Miracle! Israeli doctors reattach boy’s ‘decapitated’ head after accident

Image source: Twitter Team of doctors with 12-year-old Palestinian Suleiman Hassan

Israeli doctors have achieved an extraordinary feat by reattaching a child’s head after it was severed internally in a road accident. According to The Times of Israel, a 12-year-old Palestinian named Suleiman Hasan experienced a severe concussion in which his skull was separated from the top vertebrae of his spine—which is formally known as a two-sided atlanto-occipital joint dislocation. Known as

Hasan was riding his bike when a vehicle hit him. He was brought to the trauma unit of Hadassah Medical Center, where he underwent immediate surgery.

Sulaiman Hasan experienced an “internal collapse”, where his skull separated from the top vertebrae of his spine, following the accident. This condition is scientifically known as bilateral atlanto-occipital joint dislocation.

After the accident, the child was taken to the Hadassah Clinical Center, where he was sent for emergency medical procedures. According to experts, his head was “completely severed from his neck.”

Dr. Ohad Einav, the orthopedic surgeon who was in charge of the treatment, told The Times of Israel that it took several hours and required “new plates and fixation to the damaged area”. “Because of our knowledge and the most state-of-the-art technology in the operating room, we were able to save the child,” he said, adding that the team “fought for the boy’s life.” In light of the fact that the boy had a 50% chance of survival, surgeons also believe that his recovery was nothing short of a miracle.

Although the procedure took place last month, doctors did not release the results until July. The hospital informed us that they will continue to monitor Mr. Hassan’s recovery, as he was recently released from the hospital wearing a cervical splint.

Dr. Inav told the outlet, “A child like this has no neurological deficits or tactile or motor impairments and is acting normally and walking without a guide after such a long conversation, it’s no small feat.” Doesn’t matter.”

“The larger head size of a child compared to an adult means they are more vulnerable,” he said, adding that the extremely rare surgeries require the expertise of specialized doctors. This is not at all a normal process, especially for children and adolescents. “To do this, a surgeon needs knowledge and experience,” he said.

The child’s father expressed his gratitude to the hospital staff for saving “his son”.

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