Microsoft Services Outage: Bing, Copilot And ChatGPT Web Search Affected Globally

Many users worldwide are currently experiencing issues with Microsoft’s search engine Bing. Reports indicate that Bing is not functioning properly, preventing users from searching for information on the Internet. Microsoft outage is causing disruptions to search capabilities for ChatGPT, Copilot, DuckDuckGo, and other platforms, as their services are reliant on the Bing application programming interface (API). As of now, these sites and services are either completely unavailable or only intermittently responsive.

 User Complaints on Social Media

Following the outages, numerous users have taken to social media platform X (formerly known as Twitter) to voice their frustrations. The disruptions have affected a significant number of people who rely on these services for their daily internet activities.

According to, there have been reports of Bing and Copilot services being down for several hours. The exact cause of the disruption remains unclear, and Microsoft has yet to provide any official information regarding the issue or a timeline for restoration.

Error Messages and Accessibility Issues

Some users report encountering an error or a gray-colored page when attempting to access Others receive a message stating, “Bing is not working at the moment, but everything will be fine soon.” Similarly, users trying to access Copilot are met with an error message after the loading screen, stating, “We are unable to connect to the server at this time, please excuse us.”

 Additional Tools Affected

The issue extends beyond Bing Search and Copilot. The DALL-E powered Bing Image Creator tool is also experiencing problems, displaying the same error messages as Bing Search. A 

The issues began around 3 AM ET and seem to be linked to the Bing API. Initially, Microsoft’s web search engine, Bing, was also affected. However, according to TechCrunch, Bing now appears to be correctly loading search results.

As of now, Microsoft has not issued any statements addressing the cause of the outages or providing an estimated time for resolution. Users are advised to stay tuned for updates from the company.