Microsoft Seeks to Challenge Apple & Google’s Mobile Search Dominance With a ‘Super App’

Microsoft recently considered developing a ‘super app’ that would include shopping, messaging, news, web search and other services, as first reported by The Information on December 6.

According to sources close to the matter, the ‘super app’ will challenge Alphabet’s Google and Apple’s hold on the mobile search space. In addition, the move could also boost the Redmond-based tech giant’s advertising business and Bing search, as well as attract more users to Teams messaging and other mobile services, according to The Information.

As per the report, Microsoft currently does not operate an App Store on mobile, unlike Apple and Google. With this, Microsoft hopes to follow in Tencent’s footsteps to create apps like WeChat – a combination of messaging, shopping, online gaming and a myriad of other services that’s useful on a day-to-day basis.

It’s not clear when Microsoft might launch the ‘super app’, but the matter has been discussed internally, and company CEO Satya Nadella has reportedly called for “the Bing search engine to be better integrated with other Microsoft mobile products”. Inspired to work.”

Until now, Microsoft’s Bing has been at a competitive disadvantage because of a multibillion-dollar deal between Apple and Google — letting Google be the default search engine on the Safari browser for all Apple devices, including the iPad and iPhone.

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