Microsoft pushes gaming features from Xbox, PC to Edge web browser

Tech giant Microsoft is making its Edge browser more gamer-friendly as it adds new Xbox and PC gaming performance features to the web browser. As The Verge reports, in addition to the new gaming-focused homepage and casual games integration, the web browser is also getting a Clarity Boost to improve Xbox Cloud gaming streams and an efficiency boost to prevent Edge from taking up PC resources. mode is also available.

The most interesting addition is the new Efficiency Mode for PC gamers. Both Windows 10 And Windows 11 users will be able to benefit from enabling this efficiency mode in Edge, and it will prevent the browser from taking up resources when opening games. “With this feature, you don’t need to close the browser to run the browser and open it again,” said Liat Ben-Zur, Microsoft’s corporate vice president of consumer services and software products.

“As soon as you close the game, microsoft edge will exit Efficiency Mode and get you back where you left off,” Ben-Zur said. Microsoft is also adding the Clarity Boost feature for Xbox Cloud gaming. It’s a spatial upscaling feature that can be used for Xbox streamed games. is designed to be more clear and sharp.

The tech giant has also created a gaming homepage for Edge, which includes gaming news, live streams, Xbox content, and instant access to Xbox Cloud Gaming.

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All of Microsoft’s new gaming features are now available in the latest version of Edge, version 103.

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