Microsoft Edge: Microsoft Edge now offers this classic Windows game when browser is offline – Times of India

microsoft edge Provides users with a mini-game whenever the browser is not able to connect to the Internet. The surfing-themed game was announced by the company last year. It is inspired by the classic Windows game SkeeFree and challenges players to ride through the water while avoiding islands, fellow surfers and other obstacles. Now, the company has added a winter touch to the sport as users will now have to ski on the snow to avoid fellow skiers, houses and obstacles. The game now resembles the original Skeefree which was launched by the company in 1991.

The Kraken monster in the surfing game has also been replaced by a yeti monster in the ski version. Users can play the game using mouse, keyboard or controller. Players can also collect hearts to extend their lives and for a burst of speed.
The game is Microsoft’s attempt to compete with the dinosaur game that Google offers. chrome Whenever the browser is offline. According to the official Microsoft Edge dev twitter handle Skiing Theme for surf game is for a limited time and is only available on Edge96. You can also play the game by typing ‘edge://surf’ in the Edge address bar.
The company started rolling out a new update for its Edge browser last week. As Microsoft is constantly pushing users to use its Edge web browser on Windows 11 by blocking apps like Edge Deflector, it has also improved its browser by adding some new features with the latest update.
On Microsoft Edge, you can now easily update your saved passwords that have been compromised. When you go to the password manager in the browser’s settings, you can tap the Go To button beside your saved passwords. The button will take you to the correct page to update your password for that site.
Microsoft A feature called Efficiency Mode has also been added and can be accessed through the browser’s settings. This feature is meant to help you extend the battery life of your laptop by reducing the CPU and memory usage for the browser.