Microsoft Edge browser is reportedly getting a new Games panel – Times of India

Microsoft’s Steps to Improve Edge The use of Chromium has finally started to pay off as the browser’s market share is slowly increasing. The tech giant is constantly rolling out new features and tools to make the Edge browser quick and user-friendly. Now, the company is reportedly working to add a new ‘Games’ panel on the browser. According to a report by Neowin, well-known tipster Leopeva64 has spotted the new panel in the latest version of the Edge Canary. The report further mentions that this feature is currently available for only a few users and is disabled by default. The feature has to be turned on by going to Settings > Appearance > Games button.
According to the report, after enabling the feature, users will see a Games button on the omnibar. Clicking on the new button will open a panel on the right side of the browser window. The panel includes various categories of HTML5 games such as arcade, board & card, puzzle, sports, casual, and more. For those in the know, HTML 5 games can be played directly in the browser without downloading any apps or files, but these games require an active internet connection.
Microsoft Edge is also reportedly working to upgrade one of the useful features in the browser. As reported by TechRadar, Reddit user Leo Varela has noticed a new functionality in the web capture tool that was introduced by the company last year. For those who are unaware, Web Capture makes it easy for users to capture quick screenshots from web pages. Users can save an entire webpage or a certain section. But previously, users were not able to take screenshots of certain types of content, especially PDF files, on the browser. With the new functionality, the tool can reportedly capture all kinds of content visible on the browser in screenshots.