Meta Introduces 30% Extra Fee Service For Boosting FB & Insta Posts In Us

New Delhi: Meta Platforms, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, has announced a significant change regarding the “boost” feature for organizations using the iPhone versions of its social media apps. Starting soon, these users will incur additional charges, as Meta will pass on a 30 percent fee to Apple, the operator of the App Store.

Boosted Posts

Boosted posts are a tool provided by Meta for businesses and individuals seeking to enhance the visibility of their posts or profiles on Facebook and Instagram. (Also Read: Paytm Partners With Axis Bank For Merchant Payments Settlement; Read Details)

This advertising feature allows brands to create and purchase ads on Meta’s platforms without the need for a full advertising campaign through Ads Manager. (Also Read: MNCs’s Employee Loses Rs 80 Lakh To Man She Met On Matrimonial Site)

Apple’s Guidelines

In 2022, Apple updated its App Store guidelines, which included a significant change for advertisers who boost posts through iPhones. Instead of being billed by Meta, advertisers using iOS devices will now be directly billed by Apple.

Impact On Users

As a result of these changes, users who wish to boost posts through iOS apps will need to prepay for funds before their boosted posts can be published. Additionally, Meta will apply an extra 30 percent charge to cover Apple’s transaction fee for preloading funds on iOS devices.


Meta has stated that these changes will be rolled out starting this month in the United States. Furthermore, the company has confirmed that similar fees will be implemented in other markets later in the year.

Statement From Meta

In a statement, Meta highlighted the necessity of either complying with Apple’s guidelines or removing the boosted posts feature from their apps.

However, Meta emphasized its reluctance to remove this feature, as it believes that doing so would negatively impact small businesses by reducing its discoverability and potentially depriving them of an essential tool for promoting their ventures.