MET Gala 2024: Alia Bhatt Confused for Deepika Padukone on Red Carpet? Viral Video Makes FALSE Claims – News18

Did the paparazzi confuse Alia Bhatt with Deepika Padukone at MET Gala 2024.

Did the paparazzi confuse Alia Bhatt with Deepika Padukone at MET Gala 2024.

Alia Bhatt attended the MET Gala 2024 in New York wearing a saree. Deepika Padukone wasn’t present this year.

Alia Bhatt made India proud as she walked the MET Gala 2024 red carpet wearing a stunning Sabyasachi saree. The actress draped a floral saree and sported a matching train on the iconic steps of the MET Gala. Not just fans but the paparazzi in New York were also seen hyping her. In several videos, the cameramen were heard screaming her name on the red carpet. However, a few social media users claimed that a cameraman confused Alia for Deepika Padukone.

A video went viral claiming in the sea of Alia chants, a cameraman called her Deepika. Although the video caught everyone’s attention, Alia’s fans were quick to point out that the video is tampered with. A social media user on X shared the original video along with the edited video and showed everyone the difference.

“Here’s the original clips in better quality without editing ‘paparazzi are literally shouting ‘Alia Alia’ ‘Here We Go’ ‘They Got That (Deepika according to them) Looks This Way’ now her PR will use the below tweet and publish article like Oh look they took Deepika’s name,” the social media user wrote.

Watch the video below:

During her red carpet interview with Vogue, Alia expressed her excitement to represent India in a saree. “I’m feeling great. I’m feeling very excited. Months of preparation, lots of conversations and all builds up to this one moment. It’s so surreal but it’s also very special. It’s my second time at the Met, but my first time wearing a saree. When I thought of the dress code, ‘Garden of Time’, I felt it needed something timeless and there’s nothing timeless than a saree,” Alia told Vogue.