Men In China Going Crazy About Makeup; Left Women Behind

China: The global market for women’s makeup and makeovers is well-established and thriving, with women worldwide embracing cosmetics and even opting for plastic surgery to enhance their appearance. However, an interesting shift in trends is occurring in a particular country, where the popularity of makeup among men is rapidly on the rise.

This trend has gained such momentum that men have surpassed women in their enthusiasm for makeup. The driving force behind this trend seems to be the desire of men to attract romantic partners, leading them to adopt makeup as a means of enhancing their appearance.

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The country witnessing the surge in male makeup enthusiasts is China. Young men in China are increasingly turning to makeup and makeovers as part of their dating strategy. According to a report by South China Morning Post citing Toutiao News, the younger generation of men in China is placing greater emphasis on their appearance, prompting them to seek makeovers before going on dates.

What Happens In China During Lunar Year?

In China, the Lunar New Year is a significant time for blind dates, and during this period, there has been a notable increase in the availability of makeup services catering to men. Jiaodan, a makeup artist based in Sichuan province, notes that consultation fees alone have seen a significant rise, jumping from 60 yuan to 200 yuan.

What’s surprising is that the highest demand for makeup services is observed in rural areas, particularly in Jiangxi province. Here, family elders often arrange multiple blind dates in a day for single men in the household.

Jiaodan emphasizes the significance of first impressions and notes the growing trend among men to embrace makeup. She mentions that her schedule for men’s makeup appointments fills up quickly, especially during the week-long Lunar New Year holidays, with her serving at least two clients every day.

What Does ‘Coco’ The Makeup Artist Say? 

Similarly, Coco, a makeup artist from Guangdong province, reports a busy schedule, having provided makeup services for 36 men last month alone.

Coco observes that men are becoming increasingly conscious of their complexion and eyebrows, with some also requesting hairstyling. She highlights that wearing makeup boosts their confidence, citing the example of a 31-year-old client named Wang who experienced a positive transformation in his clothing and hat style after a haircut.

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