Meerut: Six BJP workers arrested for putting up stunting posters outside police station – Henry Club

Meerut police arrested six locals BJP A day later on Saturday, activists put up a poster outside a police station, leading to an uproar on social media and Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath and Leader of Opposition Akhilesh Yadav criticizing each other on Twitter.

The poster, which read, “BJP karyakartas ka thana mein aana mana hai (BJP workers are not allowed to enter the police station)”, also carried the saint’s name. treadle When Singh spoke to the in-charge of the medical station, it seemed as if he had ordered.

“act [of putting up the poster] The image of Meerut Police has been hurt. We have arrested six people in this connection. Indian Express,

According to the SSP, the root of the matter was a property dispute related to a family, in which BJP workers clashed with each other and reached the police station on Friday. “They were trying to pressure the in-charge to take unfair sides, but when denied, they created a scene,” Chowdhury said.

Then some party workers had put up posters outside the police station to attract attention.

As soon as his pictures along with the poster went viral on social media, a tweet from the official handle of the UP Chief Minister said, “Police stations and tehsils were mortgaged (for ruling party workers) during the tenure of the previous government. But no BJP worker ever goes to police station or tehsil for any unfair advantage.

Later in the night, SP leader Akhilesh Yadav tagged a picture of the poster and tweeted, “This is the first time in the last six years that workers of the ruling party have been stopped from the police station. This is actually the much publicized good governance of the BJP government.”

Police registered a case after hours FIR Against BJP workers

According to the police, about a dozen BJP workers had reached the police station earlier in the day to demand the help of a woman who was involved in a property dispute with her in-laws after her husband’s death in October last year.

Station in-charge Sant Saran Singh told that he had called the woman and her in-laws to the police station for reconciliation.

“But some political activists created a scene and sat on a dharna inside the police station demanding undue favors for the woman. They also put up posters on the boundary wall and started raising anti-police slogans. I tried to convince them that the issue can be resolved amicably but they stuck to their demand.