MCD Polls: Kejriwal Says RWAs to be Empowered Financially, Politically If AAP Wins; BJP Claims ‘Trick’ Won’t Work

The Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) will be given “financial and political” powers besides giving the status of “mini councilors” to Resident Welfare Associations (RWAs) in the national capital if the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) comes to power. Arvind Kejriwal announced on Tuesday.

Naming it the “Janata Chalegi MCD” (public will run the MCD) campaign, Kejriwal appealed to the public to vote for him and get his works done “swiftly” through RWAs.

Addressing a press conference a few days before the civic elections, he said that behind this vision is to make people the masters of Delhi.

The Resident Welfare Association in the city said that if the promise is fulfilled, it would prove beneficial for the people, but past experience has not inspired much confidence, with the president of United RWA Joint Action (URJA), which represents over 2,500 workers in Delhi There is a federation of more RWAs. , Atul Goyal said the announcement appeared to be a “hollow promise”. Delhi BJP claimed that people will not fall for AAP’s tricks.

“If AAP comes to power in MCD, we will start ‘Janata Chalayenge MCD’ campaign, where RWAs will be given the status of ‘mini councillors’ (mini councillors),” he said. We are really going to empower the RWAs. We will give them political and financial rights. Our aim is to decentralize the power and put it in the hands of the people. Every citizen of Delhi will be like the chief minister of the national capital,” said Kejriwal, who is also the national convenor of AAP.

“RWAs will be given funds to run their offices. RWA will be empowered. The real motive behind this is to let the people of Delhi take their own decisions. I appeal to all RWAs to support you.

“We will create a transparent framework. We will also rely on online platforms so that MLAs, corporators and RWAs all know where the problem is and what is the accountability. The works of the public will be completed expeditiously,” he added.

The civic polls, to be held in 250 wards, are to be held on December 4 and are largely being seen as a contest between the AAP, the BJP and the Congress.

Both AAP and BJP have expressed confidence that they will emerge victorious in the elections. The counting of votes will take place on December 7.

The public will decide the policies of MCD and the government will work on their orders, the common man should no longer run after the leaders. People will be able to solve their problems related to electricity, water, drainage in RWA offices only. RWA will have the right to settle such cases.

“RWAs will get funds to run their offices and handle basic issues of the public. Just like councilors are leaders of their wards, similarly ‘RWAs’ will be considered as leaders of their areas,” Kejriwal said.

The chief minister also dismissed the series of sting videos allegedly released by the BJP on AAP leaders during the December 4 civic polls, saying it was a “horrible and boring film that no one wants to watch”.

Responding to a question, the AAP supremo said the public has matured and the parties which considered them fools are over.

Ashish Sood, Coordinator Election Delhi BJP’s committee for MCD elections said, Kejriwal’s “announcement to involve RWAs in the functioning of MCD is an election announcement”. Fall for the trick,” he said.

There is a big difference between what you claim and what you do, Energy Chairman Goyal told PTI. “We have seen this in the past as well”.

“RWAs are neutral bodies. We do not take sides in elections. You are trying to woo us just before the elections. We are influencers, we don’t take sides. But such announcements just before elections are telling.”

Goyal said there are thousands of RWAs in the city and if the AAP government is serious, they should bring the RWA Act.

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