MCD Implements Online Transfer System In Education Department

Delhi Mayor urges all MCD employees to report any incident of demand of bribe by their employees or officials (Representational Image)

Delhi Mayor urges all MCD employees to report any incident of demand of bribe by their employees or officials (Representational Image)

Employees who wish to be transferred are invited to submit applications online under the new policy, which will ensure openness and reduce corruption

The Aam Aadmi Party-led MCD has started implementing an online transfer system in the education department, with officials saying it will help fight corruption and ensure transparency.

Addressing a press conference, Mayor Dr. Shelly Oberoi emphasized on the transformative nature of the online transfer system.

The mayor’s office said the new policy invites online applications from employees who want to be transferred, ensuring transparency and curbing corruption.

This marks the beginning of a comprehensive plan to extend online transfers to all departments of the Municipal Corporation Department, promoting fairness and accountability in its operations, it said in a statement.

“Led by Mayor Dr Shaili Oberoi, the initiative aims to usher in a new era of probity within the municipal corporation, tackling the deep-rooted corruption that has plagued the MCD for the past 15 years under the Bharatiya Janata Party’s rule. (BJP),” the statement read.

The mayor announced that after the integration of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi, his government has implemented an unprecedented 100 percent online transfer policy.

“As a pilot project, the online transfer process has been started in the education department, and we plan to gradually extend it to other departments, thereby ensuring a smooth and efficient transition,” she said.

The office said that with this progressive initiative, the AAP-led MCD has reaffirmed its dedication to streamline processes and potentially benefit lakhs of employees serving within the municipal corporation.

Oberoi highlighted the MCD’s lack of progress in the last 15 years under the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and said they had done nothing but promote corruption within the MCD.

“BJP has left behind a well organized corrupt department which exploits common people, workers and officials. Large scale malpractices and dishonesty have also tarnished the image of the institute. However, under the honest governance of the Aam Aadmi Party, the Municipal Corporation is undergoing a significant transformation,” she said.

He said, “Unlike the corrupt practices of previous governments, the Aam Aadmi Party government will follow 100 per cent online transfer policy, eliminating any room for corruption through bribery or nepotism.”

The Mayor of Delhi appealed to all MCD employees to report any cases of their employees or officers seeking bribes, personal gains or recommendations of influential people in return for preferred transfers.

He assured that strict action would be taken against such people.

“The era of corruption and nepotism is over. Transfers in Delhi MCD will now be done in a completely transparent manner.

The pilot project has started in the education department and the decision regarding transfers will be made on the basis of processing of applications received from 3,000 teachers and principals. If teachers and headmasters are unable to apply, the online portal will be reopened for them.

The office said the online transfer system is underpinned by carefully designed algorithms that remove potential imbalances within schools and ensure their seamless functioning.

“Our algorithms have been developed and implemented with utmost care to prevent surplus or shortage of teachers in any school. The aim is to ensure a transparent and efficient education system within the MCD,” the mayor asserted.

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