McConnell says GOP will treat Biden’s SCOTUS nominee better than Dems working toward Trump’s nominee – Henry Club

Mitch McConnell insisted on Sunday that Joe BidenSupreme Court candidate Ketanji Brown Jackson will be treated ‘better’ Donald TrumpTreated by nominees Democrats during their confirmation procedures.

‘I’m going to hear the hearing, and, by the way, he will be treated much better than the Democrats Republican nominees – such as Clarence Thomas and Brett Kavanaugh,’ the Republican Senate leader said, referring to the judges nominated by former President George HW Bush and Trump, respectively.

Justices Thomas and Kavanaugh both had a controversial confirmation process filled with complications due to the sexual assault allegations.

Jackson, however, is a less controversial nomination, with many Republicans already voicing their support for her confirmation on the High Court—and, if confirmed, she is the first to serve on the High Court in more than 200 years. Is. Will be a black woman. History.

“It would be a respectable, deep dive into his record, which I think is a perfect fit for a lifetime,” McConnell told CBS’s Face the Nation on Sunday morning.

She also said that while she has praised Jackson in the past, she was unable to “protect the integrity of the court” by giving him a commitment that she would oppose the packing of the court, something that her predecessor, Justice Stephen Breuer, did. was did. , Is.

“I haven’t made a final decision about how I’m going to vote,” McConnell said of Jackson.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell assured Sunday that Republicans would treat Joe Biden’s Supreme Court nominee better than Democrats, who have previously treated candidates for GOP presidents — including Clarence Thomas and Brett Kwanug. .

McConnell also said that he was not yet sure whether he would vote to confirm Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson (pictured right), whom Biden (left) had nominated him to replace retired Justice Stephen Breuer.

Judiciary Committee Chairman Dick Durbin said that Senator Josh Hawley’s allegation that there is “no truth to it”, Jackson has been soft on child porn matters. Democratic senator says Hawley is ‘part of the frontier within the Republican Party’

Holly (right) and Jackson (left) pose for a photo before their meeting at the Capitol earlier this month

Even though votes for Supreme Court candidates have traditionally been party-based – many Republican candidates have felt somewhat controversial confirmation processes, including Thomas and Kavanaugh, who have been accused of sexual assault or assault among their confirmations. has been applied. Gone.

The Senate Judiciary Committee, headed by Illinois Senator Dick Durbin, will hold a four-day confirmation hearing this week for Jackson after being elected to replace Breuer after announcing his retirement in January.

Breyer’s retirement will come at the end of the Supreme Court session this summer.

Even without GOP support, Republicans will still be able to confirm Jackson if their party remains united. Vice President Kamala Harris will be called upon to break any tie votes – an event more likely with a 50-50 split of the Senate. But Democrats are still lobbying Republicans in the hope that they might get some sort of bipartisan support for their confirmation.

Maine Senator Susan Collins is the most likely Republican to endorse Jackson, after a 90-minute meeting this month suggested she could vote for confirmation. Collins, as well as GOP Senators Lindsey Graham of South Carolina and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, voted last year to confirm Jackson in an appeals court.

However, both Graham and Murkowski indicated that they could not vote for him this time.

Republican Senator Josh Hawley, who is sitting on the Judiciary Committee, has accused Jackson of being soft on child porn, indicating that he will not vote for confirmation.

“Judge Jackson has yet to address his alarming record on child porn offenders,” Hawley tweeted Friday.

He criticized the media’s “fact investigators” for “reconstructing White House talking points” and insisted they “ask the Supreme Court candidate” what he is alleging.

Jackson is named to replace retired Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer (second from bottom right). He will vacate the court at the end of the High Court session this summer

Democrats are hoping to confirm Jackson by April 8, before going on a two-week spring break. The road to confirmation in the Supreme Court may be fast or may take months

‘What does this tell you about the definite battle ahead?’ ABC This Week anchor George Stephanopoulos asked Senator Durbin on Sunday morning.

There is no truth to what he said, Durbin said, and that Hawley is “a minor part of the Republican Party.”

“It was a man who was beating the murderous mob that descended on the Capitol on January 6 last year,” he continued. ‘He doesn’t have the credibility he thinks he does.’

“As far as Senator Hawley is concerned, the bottom line is that he is wrong. He is wrong and unfair in his analysis. Judge Jackson has been investigated more than I can imagine.

“And now, Senator Hawley is making allegations that have come out of nowhere,” Durbin said, claiming that “independent fact checkers” including the Washington Post and CNN have already debunked Hawley’s claims.

Durbin, known for his close ties with Republicans, is likely to be tested this week.

Hawley’s claims against Jackson are likely to become the focus of criticism of the Biden candidate by Republicans.

The Senate Judiciary Panel will question Jackson’s record Monday through Thursday before the vote and investigate whether to send his nomination to the floor for a full Senate vote.

Jackson will make his opening statement on Monday ahead of the inaugural address to members of the committee. She will start fielding from Tuesday, which will continue till Wednesday.

Each of the 22 panel members will have 30 minutes to question Jackson – and if a second round of questions is allowed, each will have an additional 20 minutes.

On Thursday, Jackson will not be in the hearing room as legal experts and representatives

The American Bar Association will testify on his record at law.

Democrats are aiming to confirm Jackson before the two-week spring break beginning April 8.

Many Republicans who met Jackson privately before the public hearing praised his legal skills and extensive experience.

Jackson was a public defender as well as a member of the US Sentencing Commission and a federal district court judge. He was confirmed as the appellate judge last year.

Clarence Thomas and Thurgood Marshall before him, are the only two black people to have served on the Supreme Court. Jackson will be the first black woman on the High Court.

During the 2020 campaign, Biden vowed that if he had the opportunity to choose a Supreme Court justice, he would nominate a black woman. It has been widely criticized by Republicans, who claim that it has narrowed the field of individuals eligible for lifetime appointment. Some even accused the president of participating as affirmative action.

McConnell has said he has no problem with Biden’s pledge, but has hinted at his Republican convention focusing on topics other than Jackson’s race.

Senators will be excluded during the hearing to observe social distancing as the pandemic continues to spread, although the Capitol has dropped its mask requirements so they will not be required to cover up in committee rooms.

The road to Supreme Court confirmation can be grueling