Mayawati’s election rally in Nawanshahr said – Don’t fall for temptations, all are anti-Dalit, make Baba Kanshi Ram and Ambedkar’s dream come true

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Sukhbir Singh Badal and Kumari Mayawati accept people's greetings by shaking hands during a rally in Nawanshahr - Dainik Bhaskar

Sukhbir Singh Badal and Kumari Mayawati accept the greetings of people by shaking hands during a rally in Nawanshahr

Bahujan Samaj Party supremo and former Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati, while addressing a rally in Nawanshahr Dana Mandi, said that Congress, BJP and all of you are anti-Dalit. All these are capitalists and they have nothing to do with the oppressed, exploited, poor, laborer. Congress’s aim is to gain power only by trying to reach the largest section of the state by putting forward the Dalit CM face.

He said that Congress did not remember to make SC CM while in power, but coming on n occasion, making Charanjit Singh Channi the Chief Minister and now again putting Channi’s face forward in the elections, it is going to cheat the people of the lower strata. He said that it is certain that this time the Congress will not come back to power, but if it comes to power by mistake, it is also certain that as soon as it gets power, it will remove the channi from milk like a fly and make it side-line. Even if Channi is made the Chief Minister, the Congress high command will keep his remote control in its hands. Channi will not be able to do any work of her own free will.

He said that history is witness that the Congress ruled the country for the longest time. But due to its anti-Dalit and anti-people policies, it has become clear in the whole country except Punjab. This time the Congress will be clean even from Punjab. The same condition is now going to happen to the Bharatiya Janata Party in the country as well. The people of the capitalist BJP will also clean the country from the dust.

He said that Parkash Singh Badal could not attend the rally today due to his ill health. He wished Badal a speedy recovery and said that he has served in Punjab for a long time. In Punjab, he has served in the capacity of Chief Minister. Now the age has also passed, but the spirit of service remains in them. Because of this, he has again entered the election. He has made a goal that as long as he is fine and can walk, then he will continue to serve the people. He made a strong appeal that former Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal should be respected by winning him with huge votes.

BSP leader presenting elephant memento to Mayawati

BSP leader presenting elephant memento to Mayawati

Baba Kanshi Ram and Ambedkar devoted their whole lives for the upliftment of the neglected class.

Mayawati saluted Baba Kanshi Ram and Bhim Rao Ambedkar that both the personalities devoted their whole life for the upliftment of the downtrodden, downtrodden, poor, downtrodden, weaker sections. Now both of them are no longer in this world, but Bahujan Samaj Party is still engaged in their work. He said that after independence, the Congress government was formed in the country. Baba Bhimrao Ambedkar became the Law Minister in the very first government. He raised his voice for the oppressed, downtrodden class, raised the issue of reservation, then the upper caste people of Congress rejected his proposal. After this Babasaheb resigned from his post and he himself got involved for the upliftment of this class in the country.

To fulfill his dream, Baba Kanshi Ram from Punjab raised his voice and played his role in uniting the Dalits across the country. Terming Baba Kanshi Ram as a Tyagi, he said that he worked with the spirit of dedication throughout his life to unite the exploited section of the society. He also expressed anger that he did not get a proper response from the land from which he started.

Mayawati addressing a rally in Nawanshahr

Mayawati addressing a rally in Nawanshahr

Neither gave Bharat Ratan to Ambedkar, nor did national mourning over the death of Kanshi Ram.

Mayawati said that casteism is full of code in Congress. He said that despite so much service to Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar, the architect of the Constitution, who fought for the Dalits all his life, was not given Bharat Ratan. Not even a single day of national mourning was declared on the death of Baba Kanshi Ram, who sacrificed everything and worked with the spirit of dedication for the downtrodden, oppressed, oppressed people. This shows their mindset. Even the Congress had abolished the reservation by implementing the Mandal Commission. Which the BSP struggled and got it rejected in the government of VP Singh. In his government, Babasaheb also got Bharat Ratan. He said that when Congress is in power, it does not see the upliftment of Dalits. Then there is no memory of putting Dalits on CM and other high posts. The upliftment of women is also not remembered.

It is a good thing that Channi went to the temple, at the rate of his guru, he would have bowed his head.

Taking a jibe at Channi, Mayawati said that after being declared the face of the CM, she went to seek blessings at a temple in Himachal with joy. They don’t mind about it. But it would have been better if he would have remembered Guru Ravidas ji, the saint of his society. He would go to his temple and bow his head. Appealed to the followers of Sant Ravidas that the plans of Vikar section have been stopped by the Congress.

Kanshi Ram fell ill due to despair in Punjab

Mayawati said that Baba Kanshi Ram, who started a campaign from Punjab for the upliftment of the poor, downtrodden, dalits, and downtrodden, was very disappointed due to lack of encouraging results from here. This despair also became the cause of his illness. He wanted a government of his class in Punjab. But despite being here in the largest number, people did not support him. Till the end he was worried about Punjab. He said that today he is not with us. But we have a good chance to make his dream come true and pay him a true tribute. He said that everyone should make the dreams of Baba Kanshi Ram come true by bringing the coalition government to power. Wherever he is, he will love it. He has sacrificed a lot for the Dalits.

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