Massive Fire In Delhi Baby Care Center: 7 Newborns Killed

A massive fire in a game zone in Rajkot, Gujarat, claimed the lives of 28 people, including 12 children. Meanwhile, another significant fire broke out in Vivek Vihar, Delhi, last night. This fire erupted in a baby care center, resulting in the deaths of 7 newborns and leaving 5 others in critical condition.

During the rescue operation last night, firefighters pulled 12 newborns from the blaze, but they were badly burnt and succumbed to their injuries this morning. News of the newborns’ deaths caused chaos among their families. The fire began around 11:30 pm, and 16 fire brigade vehicles managed to control it after several hours.

Atul Garg, Chief of Delhi Fire Service, confirmed the incident, stating that they received information about a fire in a baby care center located in B Block of Vivek Vihar in East Delhi. Upon receiving the information, fire brigade vehicles arrived at the scene, where people had already initiated the rescue operation. Workers from the care center were busy extinguishing the flames with fire equipment. A total of 16 fire brigade vehicles were deployed.

The newborns rescued from the center were transported to the hospital promptly, but the death of 7 infants was deeply tragic. Parents were devastated upon seeing the condition of their children; one mother fainted and was admitted to the hospital, though her condition is stable. The relatives of the newborns are in a state of shock and anger. The cause of the fire remains unknown.

District Deputy Commissioner of Police Surendra Chaudhary reported that the building housing the baby care center was completely reduced to ashes, and the adjacent building also sustained significant damage. Vehicles parked outside the center were destroyed by the fire. The blaze started on the ground floor and quickly spread to the upper floors. Rescuers broke windows behind the center to evacuate the newborns and transported them to another hospital under medical supervision.

Preliminary investigations suggest a short circuit as the cause of the fire. The blaze intensified due to exploding oxygen cylinders in the center. One cylinder was found lying in the ITI campus, 100 meters away from the center. The search for the fire’s cause continues, and authorities will take strict action against the baby care center’s owner if negligence is proven. Currently, doctors, nurses, and staff at the center are being questioned.

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