Marvel showcases Captain Marvel gameplay from Midnight Suns – Times of India

Marvel recently showcased how Captain Marvel aka Carol Danvers is going to fight in its upcoming strategy game Midnight Suns in a video. Captain Marvel is easily one of the strongest Avengers in the team and she’s got the cards that can make her the devastator of the team, a hero that is super powerful and can be dangerous for multiple enemies at once.
In Midnight Suns, Captain Marvel is one of the few superheroes in the game who have a dedicated meter that drives their playstyle in a certain direction. As Captain Marvel progresses in the game, her binary meter starts filling up and unlocks powerful cards. The Go Binary card increases block and enhances offence by a full 100% which makes her devastatingly powerful in attacks. The catch here is that the binary will be lost if her block ever reaches to zero, which means you have to be careful when defending if you do not want to lose on the bonus in power granted by cards such as Go Binary. There are several cards that grant her the block ability so you will have to get a bit more experience with Captain Marvel in the team before figuring out how best to play as her.
Desire for Taunts will deal extra damage to enemies that are targeting the cosmic Avenger. The Cosmic Ray is one of her basic abilities which gets even more powerful after upgradation. With an upgraded Cosmic Ray, she will be able to deal damage to all the enemies that are attacking her in a turn. Here is the gameplay showcase video.

Captain Marvel Gameplay Showcase | Marvel’s Midnight Suns

With the gameplay showcases of characters like Captain America, Iron Man, Spider -Man, Doctor Strange and Captain Marvel already having been presented, we are left with a few major heroes like Blade and Wolverine. So watch this space for more Midnight Suns content.