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Mansukh Hiren murder case: Wajhe got Mansukh killed; Cyber ​​expert told NIA – former Mumbai Police Commissioner Parambir changed the investigation report

Mumbai3 hours agoAuthor Vinod Yadav

The chargesheet of the NIA has come out on Wednesday in the Antilia case. According to this report, Mansukh Hiren, who had become a witness in the Antilia case, was murdered in just 11 minutes at the behest of sacked API Sachin Vajhe of Mumbai Police. He felt that Mansukh would reveal the whole secret.

There is also a dispute regarding this charge sheet. According to the chargesheet, former Mumbai Police Commissioner Parambir paid Rs 5 lakh to a cyber expert to change the investigation report of the explosives being kept outside Antilia. Cyber ​​expert told this to NIA. But the controversy is happening because Parambir’s name is not there in the charge sheet. Sharad Pawar’s party NCP has raised questions on this.

The cyber expert told the agency that Parambir had also given Rs 5 lakh to change the report. He told that the name of terrorist organization Jaish-ul-Hind had come up in this case and only Parambir had instructed him to change the investigation related to it.

Full story of Hiren murder case in chargesheet

The NIA has said that Mansukh Hiren had become the biggest ruler of this entire case and Vajhe was afraid of breaking him, so he got Hiren put to death. Let us tell you that a Scorpio filled with gelatin was recovered from Ambani’s house Antilia. Scorpio was owned by Mansukh Hiren. In its charge sheet, the NIA has told layer-by-layer the whole story of how the Hiren murder case was hatched and then executed.

Those 11 minutes, when Mansukh Hiren was murdered
At 9.36 pm on 4 March, Mansukh Hiren was seated in the rear seat of the driver in a red Tavera car as per the plan. As soon as Hiren sat in the middle, Santosh Shelar on one side and Anand Jadhav on the other side came and sat down. Satish Mothkuri alias Tanni was already sitting behind this seat.

As soon as Hiren sat down, Satish grabbed his head with all his might and covered his mouth and nose with a handkerchief. so that he could not breathe. When Hiren started protesting on this, Shelar and Jadhav sitting next to him tightly held both his hands, so that he could neither defend himself nor make any kind of noise. Taking advantage of this opportunity, Satish, sitting in the back seat, killed Hiren with the help of his two friends.

Mansukh's body was recovered from the Gulf of Mumbra on 5 March 2021.

Mansukh’s body was recovered from the Gulf of Mumbra on 5 March 2021.

The story of the night between 8.30 am to 9.47 pm.
Around 8.30 pm on March 4, 2021, Sunil Mane made a WhatsApp call to Mansukh Hiren by becoming Inspector Tawde of Kandivali Crime Branch. Mane called Mansukh to meet him near Suraj Water Park on Ghodbunder Road, Thane.

After this Mansukh went home from his shop and told his wife Bimla that he was going to Ghodbunder Road to meet Inspector Tawde of Kandivali Crime Branch. Mansukh came out of the house and took an auto rickshaw and reached near Suraj Water Park. Here Sunil Mane was already sitting in a white colored polo car waiting for Mansukh Hiren to arrive.

Unaware of his murder plot, Mansukh Hiren came and sat on the front seat next to the driver. Then Mane started driving in the direction of Fountain Hotel on Ghodbunder Road. Mane and Hiren were the only two people in the car at this time. Around 9.15 pm, Mane and Hiren reached near Surekha Hotel in a white colored polo car and the car was stopped there.

After 7 minutes, at around 9:22 am, the red colored Tavera car first stops at the same place, then it takes a U-turn and stops in the opposite direction of Surekha Hotel and Dwarka Hotel towards Thane. Then Mane and Hiren also come near the red colored Tavera car at 9.36 pm, riding in a white Polo car.

Sunil Mane then asked Mansukh Hiren to sit in the red colored Tavera car. Along with this assured that the people aboard will take him to a safe place. After taking Hiren into confidence, Mane took his mobile phone from him.

According to the NIA charge sheet, Mansukh Hiren was murdered in a red colored Tavera car between 9.36 pm and 9.47 pm on March 4. Manish Soni was driving the car at the time of the murder. The massacre was carried out at some place opposite Surekha Hotel and Dwarka Hotel on Ghodbunder going towards Thane.

Mansukh’s body thrown into the bay from Thane’s Kasheli Bridge
After committing the murder of Mansukh Hiren, Manish Soni started driving the red Tavera car again at 9.47 pm and reached Kasheli Bridge on Thane-Bhiwandi Road at 10.30 pm. Here Shelar, Jadhav and Satish together took out the body from the car and then threw the body into the bay to dispose of the body from the bridge itself.

On 5 March 2021, the body of Hiren was found at Retibandar in Mubra area, about one km from Kasheli Bridge. Before dumping Mansukh Hiren’s body in the bay, all the three accused had taken out all the belongings from him so that his identity could not be revealed.

The accused informed Pradeep Sharma about the murder at around 10:47 pm.
After disposing of the dead body of Mansukh Hiren, Santosh Shelar called Pradeep Sharma at 10.47 pm and gave complete information about carrying out the murder. After this, at 1.30 pm on March 5, Jadhav returned the red colored Tavera car used in the crime to its owner and paid one thousand rupees as rent. Then Shelar, Satish and Soni went from Mumbai to Delhi at the behest of Pradeep Sharma to evade arrest.

The three accused stayed in Delhi’s Paharganj area from March 10-11 and from there went to Nepal via Lucknow. After staying in Nepal for 4 days, all three returned to Delhi. From here went to Ahmedabad and then came back to Mumbai. Manish Soni was the weakest link in the Mansukh Hiren murder case, so on the instructions of Pradeep Sharma, Shelar sent him to Dubai by giving him a flight ticket. According to NIA sources, Sachin Vajhe had given Rs 45 lakh in cash to Pradeep Sharma for the murder of Mansukh Hiren.

full time line

  • 25 February 2021: Gaondevi police recovered a letter threatening industrialist Mukesh Ambani and his wife Nita Ambani from a Mahindra Scorpio car. 20 gelatin sticks were also recovered in the same car. The number plate that was installed on this Mahindra Scorpio car. It was found to be fake in the investigation, as the Range Rover car with that number actually belonged to Convo, posted under the protection of Nita Ambani.
  • 04 March 2021: Sachin Vajhe deliberately raided Tipsy Bar in Dongri area so that his role in Mansukh Hiren’s murder could not be proved. Apart from this, booked a table for dinner in Nagpada area. After raiding the bar, Vajhe also went to a witness shop.
  • 05 March 2021: The body of Mansukh Hiren was recovered from the Gulf of Retibandar area of ​​Mumbra. During the investigation, the deceased Hiren’s wife Bimla alleged before Thane ATS that Sachin Wajhe had killed her husband.
  • 08 March 2021: The Central Government handed over the investigation of this case to the NIA.
  • 20 March 2021 : The central government also handed over the investigation of the Mansukh Hiren murder case to the NIA.
  • 21 March 2021: The investigation of the FIR lodged by Mansukh Hiren for theft of Mahindra Scorpio car at Vikhroli police station was also handed over to the NIA.

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