Man has access to unreleased Google Pixel 7 Pro prototype? truth check

New Delhi: Google has said that the Pixel 7 series will be unveiled this fall, but a Twitter user claims that it has acquired an unreleased prototype of the smartphone by accident.

A person going by the handle ‘@soulpee’ on Twitter published images of Google’s Pixel 7 Pro smartphone. According to Android Authority, the phone has a Google Prototype logo on the back with the usual “G” sign. Read More: Nothing Phone (1) India Launch Today: Where To Watch Livestream, Price, Other Details

The smartphone was obtained through Facebook Marketplace, according to a Twitter user who posted pictures of the unpublished phone online. A friend ordered a slightly worn Pixel 6 Pro, but the shipper made a mistake and bought him a prototype of the unannounced Pixel 7 Pro, a Ghanaian Twitter user alleged in a viral tweet yesterday. Read more: Donald Trump calls Elon Musk ‘another bull s*** artist’, Musk responds, ‘It’s time for Trump to hang up his hat and go into the sunset’

The person wrote, “We couldn’t believe what we were seeing. A just-released phone call is right here in our hands.”

But he also claimed that his fun with the smartphone was short-lived, as Google remotely cleaned the phone and wiped Android 13 off the handset.

Their images reveal the name of the device as Cubot Cheetah 2 and the manufacturer as Google. However, several people in the comments section pointed out that many organizations use code names for their prototypes.

The data implies that the person’s allegation that Google somehow supplied an unidentified prototype is unlikely to be true, especially given that Cubot itself is a Chinese phone maker.

A little more digging reveals that the photos posted by Solpi were earlier circulated on the internet.

Piyush Bhasarkar posted the pictures on Slashleaks on June 2. Looks like our Ghanaian Twitter user used the same pictures with a different interpretation.