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The man found pieces of gold in the mine.

The man found pieces of gold in the mine.

The video has recently been posted on the Instagram account @semangatpengusaha.

On this billion-year-old planet Earth, several treasures are yet to be dug out. Recently, one such incident went viral, where a man found gold pieces in a mine. A video was posted on the Instagram account @semangatpengusaha where a man is seen digging in a mine. The person is seen inside a cave-like place. There are lots of stones present there. The person starts digging into it. While digging, he collects all the pebbles and stones he finds inside a pan.

After some time he takes the pan, washes those pebbles and stones with river water and starts cleaning them. While cleaning, he finally finds shiny stones that look like pieces of gold. He shows them to the camera. Although it’s not sure if they are gold pieces or not, it seems like they are.

This video has received 23 lakh views, while 73,510 liked the clip. And many people have expressed their reactions by commenting. One asked if that was gold. Another said that if gold is being found so easily, then the video should be deleted immediately because if the government comes to know about it, then they will close the mine.

A few days ago, another similar video went viral in which a man accidentally pulled out a stone which was filled with gold jewellery.

In the viral video, a person was seen digging a mountain when he landed on an unknown oval stone. Expecting to discover rare items, the man begins cracking the stone with a chisel and hammer. After two or three hits, the stone cracks in half. Gold jewellery such as necklaces, coins, and other ornaments was discovered inside the stone. The original site of the excavation has not yet been disclosed by the owners of the post.

This video has been uploaded by a user named Nizar Rada, who goes by the name of Treasure_sniiper on Instagram. So far, the video has received more than two million views.