Mamta Banerjee fed people by making Panipuri, see VIDEO: Bengal CM had reached Darjeeling, seeing Bangladeshi said – feed this too

Darjeeling9 minutes ago

West Bengal CM Mamta Banerjee on Tuesday fed panipuri to children and tourists in Darjeeling with her own hands. Mamta inaugurated the new stall of Women Self Help Group. He asked for a pot, potato and spoon from a stall owner. After that the potatoes were mashed. Then put it in Panipuri and mixed spicy water and gave it to the people to eat. Seeing a tourist from Bangladesh nearby, he said that he is our guest. Give this one a panipuri too. Panipuri is an Indian street food. It is also known as golgappa, phulki and phuchka. In VIDEO, see how Mamta made Panipuri and fed it to the people.

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