‘Make No Mistake, If You Come Here Illegally…’: UK PM Rishi Sunak Warns Migrants

London: British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak on Sunday announced a crackdown on illegal migration with a new proposed law to tackle the issue of migrants entering Britain illegally and dangerously in small boats across the English Channel. The British Indian leader has made cracking down on this illegal route between Britain’s maritime border with neighboring France one of his top priorities for this year. Along with his Indian-origin Home Secretary Suella Braverman, the Sunak-led government is now planning to introduce legislation in Parliament to address the issue.

“Make no mistake, if you come here illegally you will not be able to stay here,” Sunak told the Sunday Express newspaper.

“I’ve made the issue of illegal immigration one of my top five priorities, vowing to stop the boats once and for all. Illegal immigration isn’t fair to British taxpayers, it’s not fair to those who are legal come here formally and that’s not right.” He said that the criminal gangs should be allowed to continue with their unethical business. I am determined to fulfill my promise to stop the boats.”

According to the newspaper, Sunak believes he has found a solution to a problem that has dogged the UK government for the past four years after weeks of work in relative secrecy by senior aides at the UK Home Office and Number 10 Downing Street. is troubling

The group has now called for new legislation to ‘put the brakes’ on any misuse of human rights laws, which allow illegal migrants to avoid deportation from the UK.

It is hoped the new law will prevent activist lawyers from exercising the right to family life and using a law designed to combat modern slavery to prevent their clients from being deported.

‘Enough is enough’: Suella Braverman on the migrant crisis

Braverman wrote in the ‘Sun on Sunday’ to say that “enough is enough” and the British people wanted to settle the issue.

“They are tired of harsh words and inadequate action. We must stop the boats. That is why I and the Prime Minister are working tirelessly to bring in the necessary and effective legislation to tackle this problem once and for all,” he said. Are.” Writes

She adds: “It should be that if you come here illegally you will be detained and swiftly removed. Our laws will be simple in their intent and practice – the only safe and legal route to the UK Will happen.”

“So far, [Opposition] Labor has opposed every effort to stop illegal immigration. They are not serious about tackling an issue that is becoming increasingly serious and allows criminal gangs to exploit the vulnerable. The Prime Minister and I will do whatever we can. You can judge us by our actions.”

Rwanda, with which the UK had a bilateral agreement or a “safe third country”, is expected to give the home secretary powers to deport anyone arriving on a small boat “as soon as possible”.

Sunak and Braverman are also expected to travel to Paris next weekend for talks with French President Emmanuel Macron to find an advanced agreement on the issue of small boats plying from Calais in France to Dover in England. Can go