Maharashtrachi Hasayajatra girl-gang takes Insta by storm with latest reel

One of the best laugh riots that regional television has to offer you is the Marathi show Maharashtrachi Hasayajatra which airs on Sony Marathi. With the contestants trying their best to tickle your funny bones, the show is widely popular in Marathi households.

Apart from entertaining you on TV, these contestants are now also entertaining you on your phone. Insta reels are booming everywhere at the moment. Lots of people including celebrities are taking to Instagram and posting reels, trying to keep entertained. So why leave Marathi celebs behind? Maharashtrachi Hasayajatra joins the bandwagon with all-female contestants dancing to a trending song.

Shivli Parab of Maharashtrachi Hasayajatra has shared the reel in which all the actresses participating in the show are seen collaborating on a dance. Women are seen in traditional attire, dressed in Mathmola saris, and looking their best. Fans have showered comments and likes on his dance reel.

“Queen of Maharashtra,” read one comment, while another said, “She made you laugh and now she will make you fall in love with her”. Another comment said, “Maharashtra Hasayajatra rocks”.

“You girls make my day. Thanks for posting this,” said another fan. Apart from these, there were many heart and clap emojis.

After the first season, Sony brought the second season of Maharashtrachi Hasayajatra to make the Marathi audience laugh. The second season of Maharashtrachi Hasya Jatra has also been as successful as the first. Judges Sai Tamhankar and Prasad Oak as well as host Prajakta Mali are seen adding to the entertainment of the show.

The show is produced by Sachin Goswami and Sachin Gote under the banner of Wet Cloud Productions.

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