Maharashtra Police Probe Stripping, Extortion of Haryana Girl by Classmates

Maharashtra Police in Pune has launched an investigation into a complaint filed by a girl student from Haryana, who has accused her roommates of extortion, stripping, threatening, blackmailing and molesting her. Police gave this information here on Monday.

The incident took place on October 17 when two girl students of a college in Wagholi accused the girl of stealing a gold chain and a laptop, which she vehemently denied.

Later, the two girls called the three students to confront the victim and they allegedly forced her to undress completely and physically examined her at their rented flat in Wagholi.

Five friends, including two other women – all from different states – allegedly personally checked the victim, her belongings and other belongings, and during this they filmed the entire incident on her mobile phone despite her objections.

The victim has claimed that they forced her to pay Rs 50,000 in cash besides Rs 50,000 in online transfer and took away her mobile and other personal belongings like laptop in lieu of not filing a police complaint and blackmailed her by making a video of her. did. Event.

The victim made the payment and then returned to her native state where she lodged a complaint with the local police who recently forwarded it to the Lonikand police station of the Pune police for a more detailed investigation.

“The victim and others are classmates in the same college in Wagholi. We have started a preliminary inquiry into the alleged incidents. We have also requested the victim to come and record her detailed statement so that the police can take further action in the matter.”

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