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Macro: This doctor is using his iPhone 13 Pro Max to treat eyes – Times of India

Apple has introduced a better macro Mode in the new iPhone 13 Pro. While most new iPhone 13 Pro Max users would be inclined to show off their macro shots on social media, this doctor in the US is using his iPhone 13 Pro Max to treat eyes. Ophthalmologist Dr. tommy korn A post on LinkedIn shared how he’s using the iPhone 13 Pro Max’s Macro Mode to compare photos and “fix a resolving abrasion in a cornea transplant.”
Dr. Korn also shared some sample photos of his patient. Photos showed great detail to the eyes on macro mode.
“I am using iPhone 13 Pro Max for Macro Eye Photos this week. Impressed. Will reshape patient eye care and telemedicine. Next up to see where this leads…the photos are from a corneal implant correcting a resolving abrasion. Permission to use photographs was obtained. PS: This “pro camera” also includes a telephone app,” said the doctor.

The new iPhone 13 Pro series comes with macro photography on the new Ultra Wide camera and up to 2.2x better performance in low light on the Wide camera. Apple claims that users can capture sharp images and magnify subjects with a focus distance of at least 2 centimeters. Macro also extends video, including slo-mo and time-lapse. The iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max also have a new 77mm telephoto camera. It allows users to zoom in while recording a video. There is 3x optical zoom for a total of 6x optical zoom range on the camera system.


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