MacBook Air M2 at Rs 95,800: How To Get Discount of Rs 24,100

The new MacBook Air M2 took the world by storm when Apple unveiled it earlier this year. Not only does it perform better than than MacBook Air M1, it also comes with a new minimalist design that ditches the signature wedge shape for a chassis that’s uniformly thick all-round. Apple has also shrunk the bezels to offer a more immersive 13.6” display that features the infamous notch, just like its MacBook Pro 14” and 16” models.


With that said, Apple increased the price of the baseline MacBook Air M2 to ₹1,19,990, an almost 30% jump in INR pricing from the old model’s MRP of ₹92,900. Apple also increased the MRP of the MacBook Air M1 to ₹99,900 from ₹92,900. So, people who were waiting to buy the new MacBook Air M2 model, were left reeling from the huge jump in price.

Fortunately, Apple has introduced a new education offers for students through which you can buy the MacBook Air M2 for an effective price of just ₹95,800. Yes, you read that right. A massive discount of ₹24,100 awaits you if you can get past the few but insignificant caveats.

Here’s what you need to do to buy a MacBook Air M2 for ₹95,800:

Step 1

Make a student profile on Apple’s India website by getting verified on UNiDAYS. Now, if you are not in college, you can already take help and arrange for a student ID.

Step 2

Assuming that you’re clear with Step 1, proceed to add the MacBook Air M2 to your cart. At this point, the amount to be paid should be ₹1,09,900.

Step 3

Apple is bundling a free pair of AirPods worth ₹14100 along with your student discount. So, with that in mind, your effective price of the MacBook Air M2 now stands at ₹95,800. You can decide to sell your fresh pair of AirPods and free up some money if you decide to not keep them.

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Despite a few caveats, this massive discount makes the new Macbook Air M2 an irresistible deal. You can also avail back to school discounts on iPad Air, iPad Pro, MacBook Air M1, MacBook Pro 13″, 14″ and 16″, and even the M1 iMac.

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