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look | Ramiz Raja urges players to let ‘disappointment and anger’ lead the way

New Delhi: Following a security alert from the New Zealand government, the New Zealand cricket team canceled a limited overs tour of the entire Pakistan. Pakistan Cricket posted a video on Saturday in which newly-appointed Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) chairman Ramiz Raja urged the national cricket team to channel its “frustration and anger” towards its performance ahead of the T20 World Cup.

“It is a shared pain and whatever happened is not right for Pakistani cricket. We were expecting something else. But the point is we have experienced such situations in the past and we have always moved on. We have a lot of resilience and strength, and that is because of the fans and the Pakistan cricket team,” Ramiz Raja said in a video posted on Pakistan Cricket Twitter.

He said, ‘Pakistan cricket is under some kind of pressure, but believe me we will overcome it. Even though we could not recover from it, but we are very confident that we can make a world class team playing at home level.

“So my message to the fans is that you should keep supporting the Pakistan cricket team. My message to the Pakistan team is to direct your frustration and anger towards your performance,” he said.

Rameez said that instead of getting disappointed, Pakistan should remain strong. “Because that’s the right way to do it. When you become the best team in the world, everyone will want to play against you. So I want us to learn from it, move on and stay strong. Don’t be discouraged,” Ramiz said “But we will do whatever we can and you will soon hear the good news and results,” he said.


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