Logitech MX Master 3S Mouse And MX Mechanical Keyboard Review: Comfort At A Premium

Logitech is a brand that everyone recognises for its computer accessories, no matter the price range. The company has made a name for itself with products that tag along with laptops, tablets and PCs. You are talking about mice, keyboard that are compatible with a wide range of devices. The latest from the stable of Logitech is the premium duo of the MX Master 3S mouse and the MX Mechanical keyboard, which has a specific target and serves their needs effectively.

When we got a chance to test these two products, I wasn’t sure how the ergonomics of a mouse can help with better body posture and comfort for the palms. But after a few weeks with these two devices, my opinion has changed for good.


Design: With the MX Master 3S mouse you are getting a reliable and comfortable design that has become renowned with its predecessor, the MX Master 3. The unique design of the mouse lets you rest the thumb on the curved layout, where you also have other multi-dimensional buttons for controls.

Logitech MX Master 3S review

The textured finish and the size of MX Master 3S is exactly the same as the MX Master 3 barring a few improvements that Logitech has made to justify its rollout in the market.

Features: Where these two devices really show their worth is the set of features and the overall performance. Both these wireless devices support Bluetooth but the compatibility for multi-platform makes these an all-rounder. For PC, you can use the USB receiver and connect the MX Master 3S.

Logitech MX Mechanical review

You also have the three-device support that can be switched with a click of the numbers given on the lower-end of the mouse. Logitech has upgraded the MX Master 3S with 90 per cent quieter clicks and support for 8000 DPI in the settings if you really want to push the levels.

Logitech MX Mechanical switch

Similarly, the MX Mechanical also has multi-device support which can be activated using the 1-2-3 keys, hard-press them to connect. The mechanical keys give you tactile feedback and the backlit keys light up especially when you are typing each key. We tried the MX Mechanical with an iPad, Android smartphone and even the laptop.

Logitech MX Master 3S mouse

Performance: So, are these two Logitech accessories worth the price tags that the company asks? In simple terms, yes but we would like to elaborate on that to make a stronger case. With the MX Master 3S, the improvements become quickly evident, especially the 90 per cent reduction in the noise of the clicks.

Logitech MX Master 3S review

Sometimes it didn’t even feel like I clicked the button but the result on the screen proved it worked. We didn’t really have a strong use case for 8000 DPI settings that is available with the MX Master 3S but going by the fluidity of the mouse, we are sure that the targeted users will find it just fine.

MX Mechanical keyboard

As for the MX Mechanical keyboard, the tactile feedback from the keys was spot on, so we didn’t feel the need for any extra push on the keys to type. We tested the full size MX Mechanical keyboard, and Logitech also has a Mini version that will be perfect for iMac or most desktop users. Both the MX series devices support charging via USB Type C port and you are assured to get a long backup.

Verdict: : Logitech MX Master 3S and the MX Mechanical exist in the market because there are people who like their computer accessories to provide comfort and excellent performance. And both of these do come at a high price but for the mouse we found the design extremely ergonomic, which also helped improve our body posture on the desk while working.

As for the keyboard, there isn’t much to complain about, however, spending over Rs 15,000 makes it ideal for professionals who really need the best hardware out there in the market.

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