Lock up: Anjali Arora proposes to Munawwar Farooqui, says ‘I love you’ Munjali’s fans are in recession

Friday’s episode of Lock Up was all about confessing feelings. We are talking about comedian Munawwar Farooqui and actress Anjali Arora. The two contestants share a close friendship, but on Friday Anjali tells Munavvar, “I love you.” After hearing Anjali’s confession, Munawwar smiled and said to her, “Let me call your mind’s doctor.” To which Anjali said, “I need it.”

Munavvar and Anjali may or may not be a true couple but fans of the two contestants of Lock Up have already come up with a portmanteau of ‘Munjali’.

During the episode that was to be aired on Alt Balaji and MX Player, Anjali asked Munavvar if he got annoyed with her. The social media influencer says that sometimes she feels that she is very angry with him. Responding to this, Munavvar tells Anjali that he has been annoyed with her since the first day of the show, so there is nothing new for her. Anjali asked the stand-up comedian what could be the solution to the situation they are in, to which Munawwar said, “Ab hai time to jheelna hoga, jheel hoon, kya karoon hoon (Now if there is a problem then I have) to bear it, and I am already tolerating it. What else can be done?) Anjali also asks Munavvar if he will come to meet her in Delhi after the lock up is over. Then He asked him why would he come to Delhi. The comedian said that he was very busy outside the show and would not visit him especially in Delhi. Anjali also told Munavvar that she would not come to Mumbai to meet him.

Fans of Munjali couple are reacting to the recent developments on the show. Commenting on the promo of the episode, a fan wrote, ‘We want Munjali together. Another fan commented, “Please get them on the same team.”

In Friday’s episode, Anjali was shifted to the Blue team while Munawar was kept in the Orange team.

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