Lifestyle changes women need to follow to get rid of facial hair

Facial hair growth is a common problem among women and many women deal with it at some stage of their life. According to Healthline, the sudden growth of facial hair in women may be due to increased levels of androgen hormones, including testosterone, in the body. Although androgen is produced in both men and women, it is produced in much smaller amounts in women than in men. When the level of androgen hormone in women increases, it leads to the growth of facial hair.

However, it is not only the hormonal changes that occur in the body, but also the food intake and lifestyle that drives the growth of facial hair in women. Women can get rid of facial hair by making some lifestyle changes.

eating a lot of fish or oily food

Fish contains omega 3 fatty acids, which promote hair growth. Although it is considered a good source of protein, some studies have shown that eating more fish increases testosterone levels in women as well. High testosterone levels can cause an increase in facial hair.

excessive caffeine intake

Drinking four-five cups or more of coffee throughout the day can also increase the production of testosterone in the body of women. According to research, if you continue this lifestyle for more than 4 weeks, it can lead to an increase in testosterone levels.

too much stress

Excessive stress can be the reason for the growth of facial hair. The natural hormonal balance of the body can be disturbed due to stress and pressure. This leads to rapid growth of unwanted hair in women.

Smokin Drink

Nicotine and alcohol consumption can lead to hormonal imbalances due to excessive smoking and drinking.

lack of proper sleep

If you are not able to sleep properly and the body is always tired, then this can also be a reason for sudden hair growth on the face.

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