Lauren Boebert reprimands fellow GOP MP for tweeting in places on January 6, new audio reveals – The Henry Club

Colorado’s firebrand Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert is confronted angrily by a fellow member of the House GOP An audio show of MPs tweeting about their locations during the January 6 attack had surfaced recently.

Boebert, a staunch supporter of Donald Trumps was among the Republicans who voted against certifying the president Joe Biden2020 election victory.

He was also accused of endangering the lives of his aides with numerous public updates about his movements, such as when supporters of the former president overwhelmed law enforcement and flooded the US Capitol.

It now appears that his incendiary Twitter post with Washington Representative Jaime Herrera Beutler was dusted just days after the attack, the audio of which was published CNN at the end of last week.

‘Is it true you were live tweeting, from the floor, people outside our space, as if we were being attacked, Lauren?’ On January 11 Beutler can be heard asking.

Boebert replied, ‘Um, yeah, those tweets were out and that was something that was live and public information that was broadcast live.’

‘So don’t ask us about safety if you’re going to tell the attackers where we are,’ Beutler shot back before turning back his time.

But the Colorado Republican continued to defend himself, insisting that his updates were finished before the confidential information was revealed.

Boebert said, ‘So it was something that was being broadcast live from C-SPAN and once we got going there was nothing more, uh, that was — that was broadcast.

Rape. Lauren Boebert was confronted by Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler on January 11, days after the Capitol riot, for tweeting at lawmakers’ locations.

The audio was first obtained by New York Times journalists Alex Burns and Jonathan Martin for their book This Will Not Pass.

Boebert drew sharp criticism for tweeting that MPs were ‘locked in the House chambers’ at 2:17 pm on 6 January last year.

He also tweeted that Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi was ‘removed from the chambers’ – minutes after she was fired. By that time rioters had raided the Capitol Hall.

In addition to tweeting live at lawmakers’ locations, Boebert led a late-night tour of the Capitol in December 2020, three weeks before the rebellion.

At the time the Capitol was under strict COVID-19 pandemic guidelines that prohibited outside visitors. Boebert, elected that November, had not yet sworn in as a member of Congress.

She denied the story, which was initially published in Salon.

The new audio comes as Boebert finds himself embroiled in another scandal just before he heads to Congress—this time, when Jeep was being accused of abandoning his son, dog, and former sister-in-law. Sewer

According to a family insider, Boebert, 35, was off-roading on Mother’s Day 2020 – when she was about to win the Republican primary – when she lost control and left her family members to their fate. ‘Bail’.

Boebert voted against attesting President Joe Biden’s election victory even after supporters of Donald Trump violently stormed the Capitol.

Tory Hopper, 28, who was then married to Boebert’s younger brother, Benjamin Bentz, suffered severe injuries to her face and chest, which led to health complications months later.

Yet learned that no 911 call was ever made.

Instead, the source said, Boebert, then-congressional hopeful, “begged” Hopper not to tell anyone about the crash, which could have dominated headlines leading up to the primary.

The source, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said: ‘It was so crazy. He [Boebert] Got out of the driver’s seat and screamed and left his son and dog in the back seat for Tori.

‘Tori couldn’t get off her seatbelt, so she grabbed the steering wheel. She is going into a rock. They hit a rock wall; It hit his whole face. it was bad.’

Boebert was ahead in the polls at the time and went on to win the primary for Colorado’s third congressional district, which political observers called a ‘shocking upset’, defeating incumbent Congressman Scott Tipton by nine percentage points.

A source told, “Lauren begged Tori not to say anything. She tried to use her money.

‘She said: ‘I’ll pay for it,’ but Tori had insurance, so she didn’t have to pay anything.’