Laila Main Laila Singer Pawni Panday Says Meeting Shah Rukh Khan Was Her ‘Life’s Best Moment’ | Exclusive

Pawni A Panday is the magical voice behind hit numbers like Akdi Pakdi, Sweety Tera Drama and Laila Main Laila and many others. The singer kicked off her journey with a singing reality show for kids at the age of 12. Pawni is thankful to her family who decided to shift base from Jaipur to Mumbai as they came to know about her love for singing. After the show, the singer completed her education and gradually got into singing for films. In a conversation with News18, Pawni talked about her first big break in the industry with the song Laila Main Laila (Raees) which features Sunny Leone. She also described how because of this song, she got a chance to meet megastar Shah Rukh Khan and revealed his generous action that won her heart.

On being asked about her experience of meeting the Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge star, Pawni shares that meeting Shah Rukh Khan at a party for Raees was the ‘best thing that has ever happened to her.’ She shared that he complimented her on the song and admitted that he is the kindest soul on this planet.

Pawni shared, “He is the sweetest personality. He is the most kind, sweetest and most gentle person I’ve ever met in my life. Honestly, he didn’t have to (compliment me), because he is King Khan. We read so much in newspapers and watch TV shows about his generosity, and nobody is lying. He is even more (generous) than what is shown and said about him. He actually told me, ‘You know darling, no one could have done a better job than you. You have done such a great job on the song.”

She added, “Oh my god, you are King Khan and you don’t have to tell this to me. I will be equally happy even if you don’t tell this to me. But, he makes it so important to make every conversation so personal, with everybody. He even complimented my father also and said some great kind words – I was shocked by his generosity. He is an absolute gem and that was my life’s best moment to meet him.”

The songstress shared that SRK even hugged her. Pawni quipped that she wanted to faint at that time. “I thought if I’ll have to faint and fall, why not in Shah Rukh Khan’s arms?,” says a giggling Pawni.

She also revealed a fun fact about the song featuring Sunny Leone. “Laila was my first big song and when it was being created I had no idea that it was for the film Raees, and that there will be Sunny and SRK in the song. I just got a call from Ram Sampat Sir and he asked me if I’d heard the original song and requested to come to the studio for singing a quick version of it. I thought it was probably a remake for some label or YouTube channel. I had no clue that it was for Raees. So, I sang the song and came back. After 15 to 20 days. I read an article, reporting Laila Main Laila to be repeated for the film Raees. I read the details and realised that the song that I sang a few days back was for this film.”

The singer revealed that she initially crooned the song in such a way that it was closer to the original version – like how veteran singer Kanchan has sung it – with innocence and sweetness.

“When I read the article, I thought to myself if there is Sunny Leone in the song, there is no way that they would want innocence in the voice. So, I thought if my version will go, then I’ll get rejected. I had to call up Ram and I requested him (Ram Sampat) to give me another chance to dub this. At first, he declined the request saying I had done a great job, and it was not required. I requested him a lot, telling him that I will redo the song in 30 minutes. He was kind enough to give me extra time and I dubbed the song again. And that is how the new version of the song was created that you guys hear now,” she concludes.

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