KRK claims Kangana dated “Egyptian boy Imran”, later deletes tweet

He also wished the man on his birthday.

He also wished the man on his birthday.

Before KRK deleted the post, users saw it, took a screenshot and made it viral on social media.

Actor and critic Kamal Rashid Khan (KRK) is less in the headlines for his films and more for his controversial statements. And since he is very active on social media, he keeps on commenting on some celebrity every day. And he’s at it again. this time, it’s Kangana Ranaut And KRK has claimed something personal from him.

The actor-critic tweeted that Kangana is dating someone named Imran but soon deleted her tweet. Along with this, he also accused the actress of doing “love jihad”. He also tweeted two pictures of the actress, in which she can be seen with a man. KRK claimed that the person in the picture is Imran, the person she is dating. Now. In his tweet, he also said that Kangana was dating an Egyptian named Imran. He called it “love jihad” and said that he did not expect it. However, he later removed this tweet.

Before he deleted the post, users on social media noticed it, took a screenshot of it and made it viral on social media. Many Twitter users reacted to KRK’s tweet. At the same time, the fans of Kangana are waiting for her reply.

A few days back, four-time National Award winner Kangana shared a picture with a man. He also wished the man on his birthday. The person seen in Kangana’s post is the same whose picture was shared by KRK. However, the difference is that while KRK has named the man Imran, Kangana has referred to him as Rizwan in her post.

Fans are now waiting for Kangana to react to KRK’s tweet.

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