Kriti Kharbanda: Getting married is a personal decision, everyone will know when I do

From Shaadi Mein Zaroor Aana to Veere Ki Wedding and Ab 14 Phere, Kriti Kharbanda has featured in a bunch of films focused on marriage. Weddings are one of the biggest celebrations in India, and while Kriti is more than happy to dress up as a bride for her films, she is not ready to discuss her plans to tie the knot. Her relationship with actor Pulkit Samrat may be public, but Kriti says the decision to get married is a personal one.

“It’s extremely personal to me. If I’m comfortable talking about it, you won’t have to ask me questions. So I’d say it’s a very personal decision. As soon as something happens in my life, all Will get to know about it,” she told News18 during a recent conversation.

Kriti is more than happy to discuss her onscreen wedding with actor Vikrant Massey in her latest film 14 Phere, which is now on ZEE5. The film shows that they get married not once, but twice, in order to avoid conflicts between their respective families who belong to different communities. It is a feel-good film that tries to capture the craziness surrounding Indian weddings.

“I enjoy the craziness of Indian weddings, they are absolutely beautiful. This is the perfect place to stay, there will be the biggest celebration ever. We celebrate festivals, but weddings in India have a very different kind of celebration. It is,” said Kriti.

She has acted in a bunch of rom coms both in Hindi and Down South, where she started her acting career. Kriti says there is something about her that the makers can easily imagine her in a film about weddings.

“I think I’m attracted to those movies. Those movies attract me in a very different way. But I think when they write a film about weddings, they somehow get into my bag. Me. Looks like they want to see me challenge myself again and again to prove that I am a good actor,” she said.

Growing up in Bangalore, Kriti has been a part of successful films in Kannada and Telugu before working in the Hindi film industry. The actress says she doesn’t differentiate between industries and it is about Indian cinema for her.

“I am a person who came from the South and started working in my mother tongue. It’s not the other way around. I was working as a Hindi speaking girl in the south. I was doing a film that was Indian, so I always call it the Indian film industry. For me, there was no difference in culture as I grew up in Bangalore,” she elaborated.

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