Krishna Vamsi plans big budget web series on Telangana armed struggle

Veteran filmmaker Krishna Vamsi, who has given several classics in the past, is now talking about making a high-budget web series. According to reports, it will have five seasons in which there will be around 50 episodes.

The new web series is planned around the Telangana armed struggle with a budget of Rs 300 crore. Official information about the new project is expected soon.

His latest project Rangamarthanda is all set to hit the silver screens in mid-August. Prakash Raj, Brahmanandam and Ramya Krishna will play the lead roles in this play. Krishna Vamsi is said to have started his music label in Rangamarthanda.

Rangamarthanda is now under post-production and will release soon. Krishna Vamsi recently revealed in an interview that he intends to work on various projects in the coming days. The other main characters of Rangamarthanda are Adarsh ​​Balakrishna and Anasuya.

The soundtrack for this intriguing effort is composed by Ilayaraja. The producers are Abhishek Javkar and Madhu Kalipu. The film is an official remake of the Marathi film Natsamrat.

In a recent interview the highly renowned director said, “Without realizing, I shed 7-8 times in tears watching Natsamrat. I decided to remake the film because it is about families, parents, children, generational divide, money invasion of our conscience, how we are losing ourselves, how we are harming nature and society . ,

Krishna Vamsi said that he was moved to see Nana Patekar’s Natsamrat and wanted to make the film immediately. Even though they were unable to pull everything together, Krishna Vamsi said that he was allowed to lead the Rangamarthanda.

According to the Murari director, every cast in Rangamarthanda was chosen as they were very suitable for the character. Natsamrat is a Marathi film based on a play that has been a very successful play in the Marathi theater segment since the late 1960s.

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