Kovid-19 India Tracker: Expert said – cases will increase rapidly in India, but this process will not last long

New Delhi7 minutes ago

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The cases of Kovid-19 may increase rapidly in the coming days in India, but it will be a matter of relief that this process will not last long. The effect of the Omicron variant can also be seen here. This information has been given by Professor Paul Ketuman of Cambridge University. His team has prepared the Kovid-19 India Tracker.

Cases will increase in a few days
In a reply sent to Bloomberg via mail, Paul said – In the next few days or a few weeks, the infection will increase in India. However, it cannot be said what the infection rate will be. Concern has been expressed about 6 states of India in the Kovid-19 India Tracker. The estimates have been made on the basis of days and weeks in the study.

fast growing omicron
So far 3.48 crore cases of corona have been reported in the country. More than 4 lakh 80 thousand people have died. Here 653 people have also been found infected with the Omicron variant. The danger from Omicron is even greater because it spreads so rapidly. Last week, along with the approval of the booster dose, the government had also given the green signal for the vaccination of youth between the ages of 15 and 18.

Antiviral pill also approved
Recently two more vaccines have been approved. Along with this, German company Merck’s anti-viral pill i.e. tablet has also been approved for emergency use. According to Bloomberg, the Indian government took these decisions expeditiously, as the situation in the country had worsened due to Kovid in April and May.

During that time, about 4 lakh cases were being reported every day. The health infrastructure of the country had collapsed. Lack of oxygen was seen almost everywhere. Cambridge’s Kovid-19 India Tracker gave information about the corona wave in April-May. Then he had also told that by August, the cases would be reduced significantly. So far 141 crore Kovid vaccines have been administered in India.

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