Kim Kardashian’s Instagram Photos Prove She’s Having the Time of Her Life with Pete Davidson

The teaser for the second season of The Kardashians just dropped shows Kim Kardashian’s boyfriend Pete Davidson making his first appearance on the reality TV show. Soon after the trailer got everyone talking about the couple, the SKKN mogul shared new pictures of the two indulging in some silly PDA.

In a photo dump posted to Instagram, the reality TV star is seen in some very interesting shots of her boyfriend by the pool, taking selfies and elevating her legs against Pete’s bare, tattooed torso .

Even though Pete was missing from The Kardashians’ first season, it looks like he’s taking on a more involved role in the latest offering.

In one of the teaser scenes, the Kardashian sister is seen dressed in a hotel suit in the green Marilyn Monroe outfit she wore to the Met Gala after-party when she asks Pete, “Babe, do you Wanna take a shower with me really quick?” The comedian didn’t have to think for a moment. his reaction? Drop everything and follow him in the shower.

In another scene, Kim says in a confessional interview, “Life is good. I have a new boyfriend. I’m having a great time right now.”

Watch the teaser here:

Kim and Pete were first linked romantically in November 2021, when the former met Davidson on Saturday Night Live.

Since then, the couple’s relationship has only deepened. In recent interviews, Kim has also opened up about her relationship with the comedian and Pete has spent some quality time with his kids.

In a recent interview with Good Morning America, Kim said, “I’m a relationship kind of girl, for sure”. “Obviously I want to take my time, but I’m so happy and so content, and it’s such a great feeling to be at peace,” she said.

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