Kiccha Sudeepa is unsure whether her ‘great dream’ of working with Kajol will happen after the Ajay Devgn episode

Kichha Sudeepa opens up about her Twitter debate with Ajay Devgn. Earlier this summer, Kicha Sudeep and Ajay Devgn There was debate over Hindi being the national language of India. Twitter exchange for several celebrities weighing in on the issue. In a new interview, Sudeep spoke about the debate and said that he was not bothered by the debate but was worried that he would never get a chance to work with Kajol.

The Kannada actor had earlier expressed interest in working with Kajol. After the debate, he wondered whether the Twitter exchange had completely ruined his chances of working with Kajol.

“Ram Gopal Varma sir came (after the debate) and said, ‘Sudeep, it was a very good debate but I think the way you maintained your dignity and respect for him was amazing.’ I said, ‘Han.’ Then he said, ‘Why do you still see that you have a volcano in your head?’ I said, ‘No sir, I just had such a big dream to work with Kajol ma’am. I think it just fell through with this debate. I don’t know if it’s going to happen at all now,'” Sudeepa told Bollywood Hungama.

“I wasn’t even worried about the tweets. I was like this was a thing I wanted to do and (thinking) whether it is going to happen (now) or not,” he said. However, the actor said that he would never give up hope of working with her one day.

In April, a debate erupted after Sudeepa said at an event that Hindi was not our national language. Reacting to his statement, Ajay had said, ‘If according to you Hindi is not our national language, then why do you release films made in your mother tongue by dubbing it in Hindi? Hindi is our mother tongue and our national language and always will be. Jan Gan Man.”

Sudeepa replied, “Namaste @ajaydevgn sir.. the context of why I said tat line is totally different from the way it reaches you from my guess. It will probably be emphasized why the statement was made when I see you in person. It was not meant to hurt, provoke or start an argument. Why me sir?”

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