Kerala’s Divyang doctor’s post on insensitive scene in Kaduva goes viral

It was no less than a fight for Dr Fatima Asla or Pathu, who hails from Kerala as she is fondly known, which started only three days after her birth. She was given a diagnosis of osteogenesis imperfecta, or a brittle bone condition, but that didn’t stop her.

Despite his financial difficulties, his parents supported him academically and helped him earn a medical degree. Fatima is now a skilled doctor with 65% disability and has also written an autobiography detailing their different lives.

Fatima made peace with her situation and lived a blissful married life with her husband Firoz until she visited the theater to watch the latest Prithviraj Sukurman film Kaduva. The film, which faced a lot of criticism for its insensitive dialogue towards persons with disabilities, left her in shock. She came back from the film and wrote a Facebook post in which she described the emotional impact of the film’s particular dialogue.

Fatima wrote in her post, “Saw Kaduwa yesterday. When Firoz went to buy tickets I sat in a wheelchair, looking at the stairs of the theater and wondering if the theater was supposed to be big enough to build a ramp, then help me As I was finishing this, there came the mass dialogue “Children with disabilities are born as a result of the sins of the parents”.

“I remember someone once even telling me that my disability was due to the sins of my past lives. I can’t see how insensitive people can be with words, without realizing its effect on people like us. Chaknachoor aur dar gaya. I know it is just a film but some words are huge hits.”

Fatima’s post was widely shared on Facebook, in which people repeated her statement. Meanwhile, amid the backlash, Kaduva Shaji Kailas director and lead actor Prithviraj Sukumaran has issued an apology for the dialogue and promised to remove the dialogue from the re-edited cut of the film soon.

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