Kerala DGP orders round-the-clock patrolling, picketing in sensitive areas in the wake of death of two politicians

In the wake of back-to-back killings of two political leaders in Alappuzha, Director General of Police (DGP) Anil Kant has ordered a statewide alert and directed all district police chiefs (DPCs) to closely monitor the law. and order status. Kant said the ADGP-Law and Order would lead the investigation into the two murders and police would soon arrest miscreants, goons and their leaders in the area to prevent another such incident in the near future.

The DGP ordered strict vehicle patrolling during the day and night, picketing in sensitive areas and checking the list of criminals active from both sides. He also directed all DPCs to specially check two wheelers, movement of anti-social elements and transportation of arms. “The pending warrants against the anti-social people involved should be executed after conducting a special operation,” the DGP ordered.

Kant asked the district officials to prepare a list of active criminals from both the sides and conduct regular checks on them as a preventive measure.

The police chief directed the police personnel to cover the offices of rival parties during patrolling and by picket wherever necessary.

As per Kant’s order, the procession will be restricted to a minimum in the next three days due to the unstable law and order situation and senior officers will be available at their headquarters to monitor the situation on a 24X7 basis.

Kerala Governor Arif Mohammad Khan on Sunday said he felt ashamed over the back-to-back political killings in the state. He said that people of all political parties should avoid killings and believe in democracy.

Talking to media persons, Khan said that violence has no role in a democratic country, and called upon the people to believe in democracy. He said he was waiting for a report from the Home Department regarding the killings.

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