Keeladi : Ancient ring found in paddy field near Keeladi museum site. Chennai News – Times of India

Sivaganga: Top of a well exposed when a pit is dug near a paddy field Keeladi Village on Sunday. The Ring Well was seen about 50 meters behind a government high school and about 100 meters from the site where a museum is being set up to display the ancient artifacts found during the seven phases of excavation at Keeladi.
While digging a seven-feet deep pit at one end of the paddy field owned by Balakrishnan to extract water, the workers stumbled upon the circular structure. “The first ring at the top of the well was seen about two feet above ground level,” P Bhaskar, co-director of keeladi Excavation, told TOI.
Bhaskar and his team of five, who visited the spot on Sunday, said that Balakrishnan and the workers could see some rings till the pit was dug to their required depth of seven feet. This was taken to the notice of Commissioner R Sivanatham. Tamil Nadu The State Archaeological Department, and on his instructions, the team visited the site for a preliminary inspection of the ring.
“When we arrived, only one ring was visible as the water had drained from the paddy field and covered the rest. Based on what was visible on the one hand, we expect the ring well to have a diameter of one metre, which is the standard diameter of most wells so far dug in the region. It may take about 10 days for the water to drain out of the pit, after which we will inspect the well further with the permission of the owner.
Bhaskar said that the excavation of this ring well to the full depth would be done only when the eight phase excavation would start because three months ago the curtains of the seventh phase had come down. This is the third ring well seen in Keeladi and the 18th well in Keeladi. agarami (15) combined. In the sixth phase of excavation at Keeladi, the maximum number of rings has been found in a single well in Tamil Nadu, 39.