Kashi, Mathura, Ayodhya belong to the Hindus; Strict action should be taken against stone pelters: VHP

The Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP), an affiliate of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, has expressed deep sorrow over the recent incidents of stone pelting in different parts of the country after Friday prayers in mosques.

VHP general secretary Milind Parande, while briefing on the issues discussed at the two-day Margdarshi Mandal meeting, said the saints believe that Hindu society needs to stand firm in the wake of such inspired reactions and attacks.

“Many sages asked how do those emerging from prayer feel that they should pelt stones? The saints reacted sharply to this. No one has the right to be a judge. If anyone has said something wrong, legal action will be taken but taking on the streets and violence and taking law into your own hands should be strictly stopped. The saints believe that the Hindu society must stand firmly together to counter such attacks.

With the ongoing legal proceedings on the Gyanvapi mosque issue, the saints said they are “satisfied” with the Supreme Court’s decision to protect the ‘shivalinga’.

“We believe that this is a temple of Shiva. We are determined to attain the three ‘sthans’ of our deities – Kashi, Mathura and Ayodhya. These three places should be given to Hindus. But since the matter is in court, Sant will consider it more later,” Parande said.

Parande said that the saints also appreciated the efforts of the Uttarakhand government on Uniform Civil Code and demanded that it should be implemented across the country. He said that Bangladeshi Muslims have settled in Uttarakhand via Nepal and claimed that the population of Muslims in the state has increased to 13%, thus, verification of these people is near.

Also, the issues of love jihad and conversion by Christian missionaries were also discussed during the VHP meeting.

“Conspiracies of conversion have to be countered. For this, the colonies that can be targeted, there will be food, bhajans, tours. Also, there is a demand for a central law to stop conversions,” Parande said.

Saints have expressed concern over the killing of Hindus in Kashmir. “Islamic jihadi will kill but steps should be taken to protect Hindus and criminals should be crushed. In the last five months, 135 terrorists have been killed,” Parande said.

The VHP reiterated its demand to take the temples out of the control of the government.

“VHP believes that Hindu temples should not be under the control of the government. Hindus should manage the affairs of temples and we need to apprise them of this issue. The money coming to temples should be used for the welfare of Hindu society,” Parande said.

The impact of Western civilization and its ill-effects on the values ​​of Indian society were also discussed in the meeting.

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