Karnataka MNREGA quota ends, salary delayed Bengaluru News – Times of India

BENGALURU: Unusually heavy rains and the ongoing crisis caused by the pandemic have made the state government heavily dependent on the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee (MGNREGA) scheme this year to supplement household income in rural areas.
The state is so heavily dependent on the scheme that it has already exhausted the original allocation of 13 crore man-days of employment made by the Center under the scheme for this financial year. With three-and-a-half months to the end of the current financial year, the state is now scrambling to persuade the Center to increase the allocation. The payment of wages has already been delayed due to pending dues of estimated Rs 700 crore from the Centre.
“Since we have exhausted the allotted person days, all MNREGA workers payment As a result there will now be a delay as the Center will have to first meet the demand raised by the state and then transfer the additional money,” said a government official.
The government faced embarrassment during the ongoing winter session of the legislature in Belagavi when senior BJP functionaries and former chief ministers BS Yediyurappa Took the side of the opposition in questioning the delay in payment to the laborers employed under the scheme.
The Center had allotted 13 crore man-days at the beginning of the financial year, but increased it by another 1.4 crore man-days till January. However, the state will also end this extended allocation in the next 15 days and hence is seeking further upward revision of individual days.
LK Atiq, Principal Secretary, Rural Development and Panchayats, said, “Due to the increase in demand for work under MGNREGA, Karnataka has already achieved the target of 13 crore man-days, though there are still three and a half months left in this financial year. Huh.” Raj Department. “We have requested the Center to increase the state labor budget from 13 crore person days to 18 crore. The Center had approved an additional labor budget of 1.4 crore person days by January 2022. The state will have to request for an increase in the labor budget again in January.
For every crore person days, the Center will have to give an additional sanction of Rs 500 crore. Officials say this could create budgetary constraints for the central government and increase demand from Karnataka.