Kapil Sharma Reveals Working At A PCO, Garment Factory To Earn Pocket Money

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Last Update: March 19, 2023, 5:38 pm IST

Zwigato releases in cinemas on 17 March.

Zwigato releases in cinemas on 17 March.

Kapil Sharma recalls working in a garment factory and PCO to earn some pocket money for himself.

Kapil Sharma’s much awaited film Zwigato has released now and it is garnering rave reviews for the performance of the comedian and actor. The Nandita Das-directed film, which featured Kapil as a food-delivery agent, released earlier this week and is slowly picking up pace at the box office. In a recent conversation, Kapil Sharma shared how he prepared for the film. And it told him about his real life struggles.

In an interview with Aaj Tak, Kapil revealed that since he had done several odd jobs to earn money in life, the experiences served as a foundation for his character. He shared, “Mereko bade log puchte he ki aap iss character mein ghuse kaise? Main kahta hu ki main abhi tak nikla hi nahi hu! Seriously, kyunki maine bhi bade kote kote kaam kiye he… maine Coca-Cola mein kaam kiya he ma’am, fir maine STD, PCO… aaj kal toh hote nahi hai, har jagah mobile aa gaya hai waha pe kaam kiya he… In the factory… I am working hard for my pocket money.. I feel like earning my own money. Toh maine jab ye kahaani maine suni toh maine connect kiya (A lot of people ask me how did I enter this character and I tell them that I haven’t got out of it yet! Seriously, because I too have done a lot of odd jobs in the past… I worked in Coca-Cola and then in the STD PCO, which is now defunct as everyone uses mobile phones.., in a garment factory… so I have worked here and there for pocket money. myself for my own pocket money. So when I heard this story I could connect to it).

While the film’s opening day collections were shocking, the Nandita Das directorial has seen a growth of 44.19 per cent. Film critic and film trade analyst Taran Adarsh ​​said that the film’s second day collection is Rs 62 lakh. He shared that this is because of the film’s opening day collections, and to reach a decent total in its first weekend, the film needs to make a miraculous turnaround/jump on the third day. So far, the film has collected Rs 43 lakhs, and adding the second day’s amount, the total collection of Zwigato becomes Rs 1.05 crores. Directed by Nandita Das, the film had a limited release and hit only 409 screens.

Jwigato marks Kapil’s first film in a lead role since 2017 release Firangi. Based in Odisha, Jwigato revolves around Manas (played by Kapil Sharma), who tries to make ends meet as a food delivery man after losing his job at a factory. Moving from Jharkhand to Odisha in the hope of a better standard of living, Manas is the sole breadwinner of a family of five, which includes his wife Pratima (played by Shahana Goswami), their two children and his ailing mother. The film focuses on the socio-economic problems faced by the working class.

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