Kangana Makes Shocking Claim After Priyanka Talks About ‘Pay Gap’, Says ‘A-listers Did Films For…’

Kangana Ranaut reacts to Priyanka Chopra's viral pay parity comment

Kangana Ranaut reacts to Priyanka Chopra’s viral pay parity comment

Kangana Ranaut took a dig at Priyanka Chopra after she faced pay equality in Bollywood.

Kangana Ranaut hits out at Priyanka Chopra and other A-list actresses while talking about the pay gap in Bollywood. The actress shared a video of her fashion co-star on her Instagram Stories talking about the pay disparity in the industry and claimed that Kangana was the first wage gap warrior in Bollywood while her contemporaries did ‘movies for free’ and offered ‘other favors’. ,

“It is true that the women before me only submit to these patriarchal norms… I was the first woman to fight for pay equality and the most disgusting thing I encountered while doing so was that my contemporaries did the same thing. offered to work for free on roles that I was in. I can confidently say that most A-listers (women) do movies for free along with offers of other favors because they are afraid that the roles will go to the right people Will reach…’ claimed the emergency star.

She added, “And then cleverly issue articles that they are the highest paid, haha..everyone in the film industry knows that only I get paid like male actors and no one else..and they have At least there’s no one else to blame now.”

In the video shared by Kangana, Priyanka is seen telling the BBC that she has ‘never been paid’ the same as her male co-stars in Bollywood. After working in 60 films, Priyanka claimed, “I would get paid about 10 per cent of my male co-actor. It (pay gap) is huge and a lot of girls still deal with it.

While Kangana appeared to take a dig at Priyanka, she took her side when the actress spoke about her experience in Bollywood. Earlier this year, Priyanka made the shocking claim that she is under attack in Bollywood. Reacting to the statement, Kangana had tweeted, “This is what @priyankachopra has to say about Bollywood, people gang-raped her, threatened her and forced her out of the film industry, a self-made woman forced to leave India.” was forced to. Everyone knows that Karan Johar banned it.

On the work front, Priyanka is currently seen in Citadel and has a series of projects in the pipeline, including her Bollywood comeback film Jee Le Zara. Meanwhile, Kangana has Emergency and Chandramukhi 2.