Kabir Khan’s first interview at 83, Ranveer Singh, Deepika Padukone: I knew the nation wouldn’t forgive me if I didn’t make it right – Exclusive! – times of India

Kabir Singh is in the mood to talk. ETimes chats with the acclaimed filmmaker on his upcoming film 83 and its actors- Ranveer singh, Deepika Padukone and others.

We asked him many questions including an inside discussion. He accepts almost all the information that we have on-the-field and off-the-field-moments of the 1983 World Cup. This is an unacceptable interview. Khan is very forthright and does not use words. Watch the video to believe:

Excerpts from the conversation:

For me the story of the World Cup 83 final begins when my friend and I went for a walk with disgust after India were bowled out for 183 and I told my friend that we would not go back to watch West Indies chase. are. ,

Yeh kahaani There are so many different layers. Everyone, including some commentators, had dismissed the Indian team saying that if England had been in the final instead of India, they would have at least had a finale to watch. Everyone has different memories – for some it is Kapil Dev’s knock against Zimbabwe, for some it is the first league match we have won against West Indies…

I mean, where were you on June 25 when India beat West Indies at Lord’s?

I was in school. I reached Hyderabad the same morning. I really don’t have too many specific memories. I was just wondering why so many big people are shedding tears. I was wondering why so many people are bursting crackers.

The biggest challenge for me is can I make India feel the same after 39 years?

The big question is, why hasn’t any other filmmaker made a film on the 1983 Cricket World Cup till date?

(Laughs) Many filmmakers have told me that they want to make it and will give their right hand to make it. I am fortunate for the rest of my life that I got this opportunity, this is my proudest film till date. The stories choose the directors, I guess.

Did you panic after announcing 83 on whether you had enough BTS content for 2.5 hours? I mean, the matches part was fine- but you definitely needed more than just cricket-on-the-field…

On the contrary, I had a lot more material that I extracted from my research. You know, I started out as a documentary filmmaker. In fact, I was wondering how I would be able to fit so many moments in two and a half hours. I had to give up a few moments. I would say I was an embarrassment of wealth.

Which cricketer was the most difficult to play?

These people didn’t just have to play cricket, they had to play like legends. Casting every character takes time-be it Roger Binny, Syed KirmaniMadan Lal, and of course, Sunil Gavaskar, imagine i had to tell Tahir Raj Bhasin That he has to behave like the greatest batsman alive. As for Syed Kirmani, I didn’t want someone who was bald and had a mustache. We auditioned 2000 people for the entire team and finally picked 14.

There was buzz that Arjun Kapoor was about to play the role of Kapil Dev. Have you always wanted Ranveer Singh?

It is a gut and instinct. Ever since I was asked to make the film, Ranveer was the only one in my mind. Ranveer is a chameleon. Watch his last 4 movies and you’ll find that each one of them has a different human being. I knew Ranveer would be the right choice. I told him that this is not a look-alike competition, you need to imbibe Kapil’s personality.

You know, 83 is a big responsibility for me. I knew the country would not forgive me if I didn’t make it right. Exactly the same for Ranveer: If he doesn’t portray Kapil in the right way, the audience won’t forgive him. And as you can see from the trailer, he has done it brilliantly. He worked very hard.

Correct me if I am wrong but as far as I know, Deepika Padukone’s casting was not on your mind initially…

you are completely fine I didn’t have the character of Mrs. Kapil Dev in my mind when I was writing it in the story of 83. But when I met Romi, I realized that Kapil is incomplete without Romi. There is an energy in him which makes Kapil Dev complete. However, I knew one thing: we could not give much screen time to Romi’s character as the story revolves around the cricketers.

Now, not only is Deepika one of the finest actresses and superstars I have ever seen, but I have also got the energy from her that I saw in Romi which depicts Kapil Dev.

I’m going on record to say that I quizzed Sanjay Leela Bhansali When he was casting Ranveer and Deepika together for the third time (‘Bajirao Mastani’) and he said: “They are madly in love. So why not?”

(smiling) It is. But that was not the only thing for me. As for me, if Dipika, who is a performer, agrees to come on board, I would be mad for not casting her. He has the energy I needed for the character of Romi. I could have created a marketing campaign that a real-life couple was getting back together on screen for the first time since marriage.

Did Deepika immediately say ‘yes’?

When she heard the story, she asked me if she would be able to carve a niche for herself in a boy-dominated story. But when she heard the whole story from me, she happily agreed.

I gave up when Jeff Dujon and Malcolm Marshall came together for a 43-run stand for the 8th wicket. Am I right that Gavaskar went to Kapil and asked him to bowl to Amarnath?

You know, that’s why I call 83 a final team story – how Amarnath won, how Gavaskar participated.

I am not giving any spoilers but there is a lot in what you are saying in the interview.

But trust me, you don’t need to know the game to enjoy the movie. I believe you don’t necessarily need to know sports to enjoy a sports movie.

Madan Lal asked Kapil for another over while Kapil was looking to ask Balwinder Singh Sandhu to come back for the second spell.

You are right. There’s more to the film, including BTS which I told you I have to spare a few moments from. You will like the film and after that we will talk.