Jungkook Featuring Charlie Puth Left And Right A Total Bop, BTS Cena Can’t Have Enough To Sing

Charlie Puth’s collaboration with BTS’s youngest member Jungkook is now out. The song, titled Left and Right, was being teased by Puth for the past few days, and has finally been dropped on multiple streaming platforms along with a music video on YouTube featuring both singers. The song’s simple yet catchy beat and feel-good MV are already trending as ARMYs race to reach their streaming goals.

“Memories follow me left and right, I can feel you here I can feel you here, you are in every corner of my mind,” the song goes. If you’re looking for a feel-good summer song that will instantly put you in a good mood, look no further. Watch the music video here:

Talking about their collaboration ahead of the song’s release, Charlie said in a live session, “He’s amazing! I wanted to see how he would sound on a record that I would do. He made it completely his own. He sent me a perfect tone back. …he made it so easy for me, he added a ton of musical value.”

“So I’m so excited. I’m also excited for you to see the music video. He was like, He was doing these moves, I got a little bit of ‘Oh, gosh, I need to learn how to dance’. It wasn’t even like dancing. It was like flowing. We don’t understand each other at all but we do. So I don’t know how to speak Korean and he knows some English words, but we literally communicate to music This is the coolest thing. We had a translator so maybe it’s a little easier, but… in the video, you’ll see it. I had to stand on this little circle and it was really small but we Both had to stay on it and we both kept falling and I kept him from falling. And it was a nice, cute, little moment between me and Kookie,” said Charlie.

Charlie Puth and Jungkook performed the former’s hit song We Don’t Talk Anymore together on stage live. Since then, fans have been showing collabs.

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