J&K: Weapons Left By US Army In Afghanistan Recovered From LOC: Maj Gen Chandpuria |Watch Video

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New Delhi: In a new revelation, Major General Ajay Chandpuria of GOC Dagger Division of the Indian Army said that weapons and devices left by the US Army in Afghanistan were recovered from the Line of Control in Kashmir.

“Weapons/devices recovered from terrorists killed at LoC weren’t commonly seen. These were in Afghanistan when US troops left. Our analysis – not only terrorists but weapons can also come to Kashmir,” said Major General Chadpuria, General Officer Commanding (GOC) 19 Infantry Division stationed in Baramulla of North Kashmir.

“The Afghanistan situation has a profound impact on the security situation for our country and specially in Jammu & Kashmir. It’s no secret that the various terrorist groups which were fighting the Americans in Afghanistan are now idle,” said Major General Chandpuria as reported by News18.

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“Coupled with that there are thousands of pieces of modern weaponry, night-vision devices and other modern equipment which was just left behind by the Americans. Lot of it as per the reports is getting proliferated towards Pakistan and some of it has gravitated closer to the Line of Control (LoC)”, he said further as reported by News18.

In August last year, after the US troops left Afghanistan, the Taliban took over the country. The US troops had left their arms and weapons in Afghanistan.